QC Kinetix (Clarksville) Sports Medicine Treatments Make a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Clarksville, Tennessee – (NewMediaWire) – October 10, 2022 – via QC Kinetix – Sports injuries can be frustrating, especially when they affect patients’ daily lives and sports careers. When conventional sports medicine fails, many patients are faced with recommendations for surgery or a prescription for potentially addictive drugs. This is often an unwelcome proposition due to the high cost and long recovery periods associated with invasive procedures. Fortunately, research and technological innovation has led to the development of new, natural methods of minimally invasive treatments. The main recommendation is to use regenerative medicine to replace, engineer and regenerate body tissues and restore normal function.

QC Kinetix (Clarksville) Regenerative medicine is used to naturally treat different types of pain and injuries caused by sports and accidents. The clinic’s biological treatments stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities to heal damaged tissues faster than usual, resulting in pain relief and reduced inflammation. The treatments help the body recover much faster than it would if patients had surgery. It may be an alternative to knee repair, hip replacement and knee replacement surgery. Treatments have long-term results because they strengthen the tendons, ligaments and cartilage in the affected areas to avoid recurring injury.

The Pain Management Clinic treats sports injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament/arthroplasty rupture, meniscus rupture, rotator cuff rupture, joint and musculoskeletal pain from a raised joint or muscle. Treatments are ideal when patients have applied general knowledge of rest, ice, compression, and elevation but have failed. The clinic assists them with a complete recovery system that combines traditional sports injury treatment, rest and preparation with regenerative medicine to obtain the best possible results. They also develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient that features treatments tailored to their health needs.

The clinic addresses the root cause of patients’ pain to improve function and quality of life. Their treatments allow patients to return to their career and sporting hobbies sooner than expected, as they have hardly any downtime once the healing process begins. During treatment, the clinic offers a personal, level concierge service that provides logistical support to patients receiving treatment at the facility. Treatments relieve symptoms such as swelling, stiffness, spasticity, limited joint movement, redness, warmth, grinding bones, cracked knees, and cracking, among others.

At QC Kinetix (Clarksville) every patient begins their recovery journey with a free consultation with a physician. The doctor analyzes patients’ medical history and may ask them to undergo additional tests in some cases to improve accuracy in the diagnosis. The results demonstrate patients’ eligibility for regenerative medicine and the most appropriate treatments for their condition. Staff take the time to explain to the patient what sports medicine entails and how it will affect their health needs. They provide follow-up services that routinely monitor the effectiveness of treatments and make any necessary adjustments promptly.

QC Kinetix (Clarksville) has treated hundreds of patients through its team of board-certified physicians. The clinic has invested heavily in acquiring advanced technologies, modern equipment, and tools that improve patient outcomes. They have a culture of continuous learning that enables them to gradually adopt new methods that fit with the rapid changes taking place in the industry. They use a patient-centered approach that focuses primarily on understanding and meeting the patient’s needs and integrating patients’ values ​​and feedback into their unique treatment plans.

This clinic representative said about their services,

“Our treatment improves the quality of life for people dealing with all types of injuries. It can reduce pain and inflammation while restoring deteriorated tissue. Plus, our medical professionals guide patients every step of the way to ensure that the treatment and recovery process is as smooth as possible.”

Regenerative Medicine at the Pain Control Clinic is a reliable solution for pain in the hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist and other body parts, including back pain treatment in clarksville. It also helps treat joint pain caused by degenerative conditions such as arthritis, wear and tear, accidents, and more.

QC Kinetix (Clarksville) is located at 787 Weatherly Dr. Suite 300, Clarksville, TN, 37043, United States. For advice and reservations, contact their staff by calling (615) 249-4024. Visit the company’s website for more information about natural sports medicine treatments for mild to severe pain and sports injuries, without the use of surgery or prescription medications.

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