Quicken’s Simplifi enables users to share financial information with trusted sources

Simplifi now makes it safe and easy to share financial information with trusted sources, like your partner, family and financial professionals.

Menlo Park, California.And February 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quicken Inc. (“Quicken”), manufacturer of America’s best-selling personal finance software, introduces a new feature to its award-winning personal finance app, making it easy and safe for users to share their financial information—including streamlined dashboards, watchlists, saving goals, and more—with trusted parties. and loved ones to better align budget plans, while increasing financial transparency to achieve goals.

The new functionality is a great way for users to share their finances in real time with their spouse/significant other, accountant and family – all without sharing personal login credentials.

  • Partners: Sharing financial information can empower those in relationships to collaborate around their finances and plan their financial journey together – as a team. By sharing their finances, partners can better align their short- and long-term plans and achieve their shared budgeting and saving goals more effectively.
  • family: Users can add their parents, children or other family members to their Simplifi subscription. For parents, being able to view their children’s financial data can lead to increased collaboration and the development of healthy financial habits. Instead, users can help track and manage the finances of their family members, such as elderly parents, in real time.
  • Financial advisors: Users can provide accountants access to help manage tax-related categories, and create reports to make sure tax season is fast and effortless. Users can also add their own financial planners to more easily collaborate throughout the year on budgets, savings plans, and long-term financial goals.

He said, “When it comes to financial planning, consumers can feel isolated due to the individualistic approach that many financial instruments take.” Eric DunnQuicken CEO. “But when working towards financial freedom, collaboration can play a key role. Simplifi’s new sharing feature supports collaboration seamlessly, making it an even more powerful tool for users to succeed in living a healthy financial life.”

Quicken has helped more than 20 million members track their budgets and grow their money for more than three decades. By enhancing Simplifi with new sharing capabilities, the company continues to expand its mission by providing users with solutions that enhance collaboration and improve financial well-being. Key benefits of being able to participate include:

  • Shared financial resources: Users can manage spending and view their total net worth along with their partners. Additionally, users can add trusted financial professionals to help make tax preparation easier. For example, accountants can easily access their financial statements, manage tax-related categories, and generate reports.
  • Easy step: Those added to an existing user account will create their own Simplifi login credentials – at no additional cost.

Additional information is available on the Quicken website Support page. Simplifi is available through the App Store, Google Play, and on the web. More information can be found at https://www.quicken.com/simplifi/.

About Quicken Inc.
Quicken has been the #1 selling personal finance software in the US For over 35 years, more than 20 million customers have relied on Quicken to help them take control of their finances. Quicken’s suite of award-winning personal finance software and apps—including Quicken Starter Edition, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Home & Business, and Simplifi by Quicken—meets different financial needs and hardware preferences. Dubbed “The New York Times Wirecutter,” Simplifi by Quicken has been added to the Quicken suite of products in 2020. Simplifi, a web and mobile app, is designed to help a new generation of digital natives easily stay on top of their finances.

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