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Apple Original Films has chronicled the thriller ‘Escape From Slavery’ Release For a theatrical opening December 2, followed by a December 9 release on the Apple TV + streaming site. This follows The first screening of the film in the capital on Saturdaywith a star will Smith and the director Antoine Fuqua (who traveled from Italy, where he and Denzel Washington shot a third Equalizer Film) The fact-based film at a presentation organized by Apple and the NAACP during the Black Caucus Foundation’s legislative conference in Congress.

There has been plenty of speculation — and misreporting — as Apple and its filmmakers plotted what to do with a meaningful film that changed its status as the award-season first nominee for the moment. Smith slapped anchor Chris Rock during the last OscarsAfter the comedian mocked his wife with a joke about her hair. Smith, who soon after won the Best Actor Oscar, and while the Academy allowed him to give an acceptance speech, later banned Smith for ten years for a terrible personal act in the worst possible place.

Apple headed by Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht wins first broadcast film to win Best Picture kudaAnd they knew another award-winning movie Moonflower killers He won’t be ready this year, and he’s been moving to the Cannes Film Festival 2023 premiere. There’s a good reason but Release Now, a potential backlash would be damned. They have gone up.

Deadline reveals here the first trailer for the movie (Watch it above), along with the first interview with Fuqua. I’ve been buzzing about that for a while Release It’s the best movie he’s made in his long career, but his hopes of winning an Academy Award could be dashed by The Slap, just like Mel Gibson’s great survival story. Apocalypto did years ago. Here, Fuqua describes the steps that were taken to find out the film’s release, the ordeals that were in its making, and his hopes for the film.

Limit: How will you feel when you finally show up Release For an audience who really cares about the movie’s central historical issues?

Antoine Fuqua: I felt an incredible feeling. This was really the first time we had seen a full movie and an audience. Watching people react and gasp and talk and comment on the things that were happening in the movie are all the things you hope your movie will do for the audience. I moved them and enjoyed them. We had a great conversation about the topic that was important to them. So yeah, it was pretty cool.

Limit: What are some of the things that resonated, that shocked you when you read the script and logged in to do so Will Smith be back when?

according to: One thing, when I first read the script, it inspired me. For me as a director, making a movie about slavery is hard. Because you want to get it right and I want to make it as honest and authentic as I can be. What I found is that it was very inspiring to people. A portrait of Peter from 1863 inspired me to want to make the film and Will inspired the desire to make the film. He seems to likewise inspire the audience; Then they applauded and cheered. This was the thing that I felt the most.

Deadline: Liberation He would have come as a frontrunner for awards season, had the unfortunate events of the last Oscar night not happened. Can you share a little about the discussions that took place after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after he made that joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair, and whether to wait, or release the movie this year?

above: Really, I’ve always said, as a filmmaker, that you want your work there, especially something important. Behind the scenes, Apple has been pushing that too, trying to navigate the waters. They never stopped talking about the movie’s release, and when it would be the best strategically. Apple has been calling me a lot, with Will, and I have to say Apple has been great throughout this entire movie. We moved from Georgia to Louisiana, and no one ever blinked. We’re past hurricanes, covid, all of that stuff.

Limit: How much damage did the hurricane cause your production?

according to: It was the hardest movie I’ve ever made. We were down for a little over a month. Every website we had was erased. We had to redo the locations. I was in Louisiana, had to go to Baton Rouge, and the sites I loved were no longer there, or were impossible to get to. The people on set, the crew, who worked on the movie from Louisiana, some of them were homeless and were trying to figure out where they were going to be when we got back. Once again, Apple stepped up to help people, but it was tough. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, it was scary to be around. When we got back, we still had to deal with a city that was back on its feet again. We were still dealing with sites we couldn’t reach, or we would have taken longer to get to. The heat did not help with that, and we had to shoot in the swamps. So, going back to the swamps was sometimes dangerous, but funny. The new locations we found, and the other locations we decided to shoot at, were actually better for the movie. It was cruel and gave in to the fact that the people living there at that time had to survive.

Limit: What is this like taking a Hollywood star and putting him in a real quagmire? Any close calls with snakes and crocodiles? How do you make him feel comfortable and not intimidated?

according to: We did everything we could, with crocodile herders, snake testers, wolf spiders and you name it. I had some of my Navy SEAL buddies there to protect everyone. To Will’s discretion, I remember one of the first days we shot, and there was a moment he had to run in the swamp. I think maybe we have to face replacement of the shot, because you know, there are alligators out there. I call it Will, and he says, Well, that’s what I do. Let’s go. I thought, well, it’s in it. And he did it. Some times.

Limit: I remember we met after you came back from Seven WondersSome of your groups were washed away by flash floods.

according to: I may have amnesia, and it keeps coming back in pain. There, we experienced torrential rain and heat, but no hurricane. Here, there was no cover, as it was an outdoor adventure. Filming at Confederate camp, with very little coverage. So we had to be outside and there were times when we had to shut down for hours, just to let people calm down. Apple brought in ice jackets, to try and keep people cool, but that was almost unbearable. We had a hurricane, a hurricane. And covid. More than 300 people, sometimes 600 doing fight scenes, who were unable to get out of their cars until they were tested for Covid. Bob Richardson DP, Will, and I were standing on set, and we had to wait. We’re watching the sunset, and we knew we only had a certain amount of time to get what we needed. This put a lot of pressure on production.

Limit: distance oscar slap, Will was banned for holding by the academy. I can imagine how much he regretted his marriage which should have been a victorious night for him. Your reaction to the situation this film will move into, and all the people who have withstood these harsh conditions and adversities?

according to: [pauses]… Will Smith is a great man. I was with him for two years, making this movie. He’s a great guy, a great partner, and he did a great job on this movie. Chris Rock is a good guy, and I know Chris too…and I pray that it works out for them as friends, and we can move on.

Limit: The first time we revealed this movie and auction, the horrific video of George Floyd’s death was fresh in our minds. Now, since there’s a movie coming back, we think about those horrific images of Emmett Till’s broken body, and there’s a Rodney King video and images of violence at Selma’s walk. Pictures can convey more than just words. Pictures of Peter’s icy back taken when he joined the Union Army reverberated around the world. In terms of the higher meaning of a movie like this which is basically a survival story, what would you say?

according to: We need to know the truth to start healing. We have a lot of healing here, but if we could watch the movie with open hearts and open minds, and have a real conversation about the hideous brutality and reality of slavery, it might help with healing. I think it’s important for people to see that.

Limit: From Training Day to many others, you’ve made great movies. How does this person stack up in terms of what I was built for as a director?

according to: I see a lot of maturity at work. My best movie? I said when I finished that it was my strongest work and I can definitely say it’s my most important movie. I’ll leave it up to everyone to judge, but I feel like there’s a lot of growth at work.

Limit: Will Smith?

according to: Will is on a whole different level, in this movie. Fabulous.

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