Satoshi Nakamoto should have won the Nobel Prize in Economics

He was supposed to win the Nobel Prize in Economics Satoshi NakamotoInternet says.

Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. The Stockholm Nobel Committee said Bernanke’s research shows “why it is so important to avoid bank collapse”. In other words, why quantitative easing (printing tons of paper money) is the answer.

Internet: or not

Of course, Twitter has illuminated the idea that banks should ever be subsidized, let alone give them a prize.

conviction that Satoshi Nakamoto (The pseudonym of the creator of Bitcoin) He should have won a Nobel Prize some time ago.

Something most people don’t know is that in 2016, Nakamoto nominated For the Nobel Prize in Economics. Bhagwan Chaudhry is Professor of Economics at the University of California. He says the technology generated by Satoshi is the most important development of the 21st century. He said the technology will have wide applications in the future of finance.

“I can hardly think of another innovation in the field of economics in recent decades with such an impact. Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin protocol has produced exciting innovations in the field of financial technology. Satoshi Nakamoto’s contribution will not only change the way we think about money, but should also influence on the role central banks play in managing monetary policy, destroying expensive remittance services; and eliminating taxes demanded by intermediaries such as Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.”

Never in its history has the Nobel Committee awarded the prize to an unknown person. Choudhury offered to accept the award on Nakamoto’s behalf if he won.

The Nobel Prize in Economics is the clown scientist’s prize

YouTube channel hosts Simply Bitcoin We say the award highlights how we live in the clown world. “Ben Bernanke received the Nobel Prize for his actions during the financial crisis.”

And what did he do exactly? I have printed a lot of money. “So they gave him an award for hitting the P key on the keyboard. Satoshi should get the Nobel Prize in Economics. I think he did a lot more than this guy. This guy just exacerbated the problem.”

Simply Bitcoin hosts say Bernanke and his cohorts have done some black magic-type nonsense to justify all this in the public eye. “But at the end of the day, what are they really doing? They make money out of the blue. They pat their back—it’s a giant circular jerk. You did this? Did you print all that money? Hey, you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!”

The Internet says the Nobel Prize in Economics should have been won by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The clown world reigns supreme

The hosts of the popular YouTube channel say that if you are from the lower class, or from the middle class, you will not have the means to buy assets, and therefore take advantage of the assets inflation. If you save fiat, your money will go down when there is a print job. So every time they print money, it’s a huge redistribution of wealth. It is a theft, from the lower and middle classes to the wealthy, who have the means to save on assets. And they gave Bernanke the Nobel Prize in Economics for doing the theft because that’s it.”

They also say that even if Satoshi was awarded the Nobel Prize, he would have lost his appeal.

“They don’t even care, they pat each other on the back to print money. How hard is it to make money out of thin air? Boom and crash are necessary to root out inefficient businesses. But the government bailed out inefficient businesses in 2008. So, those businesses never learned their lessons. If you are big enough as a business, then you are entitled to a government bailout, which means that you will make more risky decisions because the lender is a last resort. But with Bitcoin, there is no lender to resort to as a last resort. And I think that is a good thing. This award Proof that this is just a whole clown world.”

Nobel Prize in Economics: Buffet

The hosts say that paper trillions are patting their backs. “Oh, I’m so proud of you man. No, you did a great job! You hit the P button so hard! No one else can push the P button like you Ben Bernanke!”

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