Second suspect stabbed in Canada in Saskatchewan – latest news: Second suspect Miles Sanderson killed days after fleeing after mass attack that killed 10

10 dead, 18 injured in mass stabbings in Saskatchewan, Canada

The second suspect in the stabbing attack that killed 10 and injured 18 across rural Canada over the weekend died from injuries sustained after police ran over his truck on the road.

An official told The Associated Press that Miles Sanderson, 30, died after being arrested at about 3.30 p.m. CST Wednesday near the town of Rosterne, Saskatchewan.

Earlier, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police released the names of 10 people killed during stabbings in Saskatchewan on Sunday as the manhunt for Miles Sanderson entered its fourth day.

The individuals who died ranged in age from 23 to 78 years, and included: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Christian Head, Robert Sanderson of James Smith Cree Nation and Wesley Peterson of Weldon .

Police said that a day earlier, Damien Sanderson, 31, the second suspect and Miles’ brother, were found dead with injuries that did not appear to be self-inflicted.

His body was found in a densely grassy area of ​​the James Smith Cree Nation near a house that police were examining.

Police have named the two men linked to violence that left 10 people dead and 18 injured in a stabbing spree at 13 locations across Saskatchewan, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


Alberta opposition leader pays tribute to Canadian veteran who was killed in stabbing attacks

ICYMI: Rachel Notley, the opposition leader of Alberta’s New Democratic Party, paid tribute to the victims killed during a series of brutal stabbing attacks in northern Saskatchewan on Sunday, with special tributes to Canadian veteran, Earl Burns, who was one of the dead.

“I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of veteran Earl Burns and the many other people in Saskatchewan who mourned the loss of loved ones to this senseless violence. You are all in our hearts at this very difficult time,” the regional politician wrote on Twitter Tuesday night.


‘They actually died defending their families’: A relative describes Saskatchewan stabbing victims as ‘heroes’

ICYMI: “Mother” Bonnie Goodvoice Burns and son Gregory “Jones” Burns were killed as “heroes” on Sunday after a series of stabbing attacks in North Saskatchewan on Sunday left 10 dead.

The mother’s 48-year-old brother and the 28-year-old’s uncle, who said he found him side by side in the driveway of the family’s James Smith Cree Nation Sunday, said.


Names and photos of the victims killed in the stabbing attack

ICYMI: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, on Wednesday morning, released the names of all the victims killed in the brazen Sunday morning attacks, noting that they are a mix of randomly selected and some specifically targeted.

The ages of the individuals who died ranged from 23 to 78 years, and included: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Christian Head, Robert Sanderson of James Smith Cree Nation, and Wesley Peterson of Weldon .

Read more about everyone who died on Sunday and their stories here with them Independent:


GoFundMe organized the killing of her mother and son in stabbing attacks in Saskatchewan

ICYMIMark Arcand, brother of Bonnie “Goodvoice” Burns, 48, said during a press conference on Wednesday that GoFundMe It was created for his sister and nephew, Gregory “Jones” Burns, 28, after a mother and son were killed Sunday during a gruesome stabbing attack in North Saskatchewan.

“In the early hours of the morning of September 4, 2022, Bonnie Burns and her 28-year-old son were murdered in a senseless violent act in their home in the James Smith Cree Nation,” organizer Shelley Arcand wrote.

“Nothing that anyone can do will bring Bonnie and Gregory back but we would like to ease the financial burden on surviving family members as they try to move forward. Any money raised will go to Brian and their children for professional advice and ongoing support as they deal with this,” the statement added. The tragic situation.

Online fundraising She has a goal of $50,000, and in just two hours of her livestream, she’s already raised over $5,000.


A second suspected Saskatchewan succumbed to his wounds after 10 were killed in one of Canada’s worst attacks

Myles Sanderson, the suspect in the weekend stabbing attack that killed 10 and injured 19 across a First Nations community in rural Canada, has died from injuries sustained after his arrest Wednesday, according to officials. An unnamed Canadian official told the Associated Press that Sanderson died after police hit his car on the road.

The suspect was taken away in an ambulance before he later died of his injuries, Global News reports, citing several unnamed law enforcement sources.


We are in pain. We are broken but not defeated: Family members share memories of the victim who was killed in the attack

ICYMI: A relative of Bonnie Burns discussed how “the most important thing for Bonnie was family,” noting that his sister had recently celebrated milestones, such as being sober for 15 years of her life. “These are the things we want to remember.”

“She was an organ that made a difference in people’s lives,” he said, recalling her home filled with love and care. “The children always come first.”

Gregory, known in his family as “Jones,” was a great kid, his uncle recalls.

“He worked in the community, built homes, and did everything he could to help his mom and dad and take care of his three brothers. These are the things we want people to recognize and remember.”

“This mountain is a devastation of what happened to our family members and what it will need to heal from senseless acts like this that happened to our community, our family, our county and our country,” the relative said.

Family members of Bonnie ‘Goodvoice’ Burns hold a press conference to discuss memories of Burns, who died Sunday during the stabbing attacks, and her 28-year-old son Gregory Burns.

(Saskatoon/CBC press conference)

“When I think of what the future for my sister will look like, my family members want us to move forward to heal but never forget. To carry love in your heart. To carry compassion, to be united, and to think of others.”

“We’ve shed a lot of tears in the past couple of days. But at the end of the day, we loved our sister, Brian’s wife, Chuck’s daughter, our niece and nephew…and they loved us too. It’s what we want people to remember.”

“We’re hurting. We’re broken, but we’re not defeated.”


Second suspect dies of his injuries after police stop

An unnamed official confirmed to The Associated Press that Miles Sanderson died of self-inflicted injuries after Canadian police drove his car off the road Wednesday afternoon.

An official familiar with the matter said officers rammed Sanderson’s car off the road. The official said the fugitive’s injuries were of his own accord, but he had no further details about when he was injured or died. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the person is not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.” The Associated Press reported.



‘Words can’t express the pain we feel’: Family members announce GoFundMe opening for survivors

ICYMI: Bonnie “Goodvoice” Burns, 48, and Gregory Burns, 28, died side by side, “In their house, their yard, that’s what we know,” the 48-year-old’s brother said at a news conference Wednesday.

A third woman, later identified as Lydia “Gloria” Burns, 61, arrived at the scene early in the morning after receiving a call from Bonnie. Her body was found next to mother and son in the driveway of the family home at James Smith Cree Nation.

Bonnie’s relative said during the press conference that Bonnie has three other sons, one of whom, 13-year-old Dyson, was stabbed in the neck while trying to help his mother and older brother.

The other two boys were inside the family home.

“These two boys, they woke up screaming, and they couldn’t help… One of the boys was hiding behind a high chair, watching everything unfold,” he said, describing the shock that unfolded at the family home on Sunday. morning.

said his uncle Gregory, who has two children and two children on the way,

At the end of the press conference, the relative described how the three surviving sons and their families will need all the help they can get to continue their journey of recovery.

The relative announced that he will open a GoFundMe to the Burns family, which he will provide a link to in the coming days.


Saskatchewan Premier delivers thanks to law enforcement

Prime Minister Scott Moe took to Twitter to thank police officers for their efforts in bringing in Miles Sanderson on Wednesday after four days of intense searching.

“To the men and women in uniform who worked day and night to track down and apprehend this dangerous criminal, thank you. We owe you all an immense gratitude.”


Video of Miles Sanderson’s arrest appears to appear

“Video from Brandi Soles where RCMP arrested Myles Sanderson at 3:30 p.m. This is near Rosterne, Saskatchewan,” CBC News’ Devin Herrocks tweeted.

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