ServiceNow Thirdera partner launches CitizenKey targeted to the public sector

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“We put something together on the ServiceNow platform to help the federal government’s small government entities know they can quickly scale up service, improve their efficiency, be innovative, and ensure quick time-to-value,” says Jason Wogan, CEO of Thirdera.

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ServiceNow Channel Partner theredera On Wednesday, it unveiled CitizenKey, a new ServiceNow certified solution aimed at government organizations looking to streamline their service management tasks.

Thirdera CEO Jason Wogan said CitizenKey, which was co-engineered with 3CLogic, a developer of cloud and voice-enabled contact center technologies for customer relationship management and customer service management platforms, has already been approved by ServiceNow.

CitizenKey aims to help government agencies provide personality-based services, Wojahn told CRN.

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“For example, if someone needs to change their driver’s license, they can do so over the phone, online, or go home,” he said. “People-based services allow this to happen. CitizenKey is a public sector offering to help governments support everyone in their jurisdiction. People-based services are important to help them reach everyone.”

Wogan said governments often struggle to provide universal services.

“We put something together on the ServiceNow platform to help small government entities of the federal government know they can quickly scale up service, improve their efficiency, innovate, and ensure quick time to value,” he said.

3CLogic provides technology that leverages voice, IVR (Integrated Voice Response), Intelligent Routing, and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to allow workflows to be streamed to live agents, Wogan said. He said he also offers another post-call analysis with informed analytics.

He said CitizenKey, which is based in part on intellectual property developed by Thirdera, has been approved by ServiceNow, and is now being packaged and expanded into the 3CLogic space.

In addition to providing CitizenKey to its customers, Thirdera has a global network of more than 40 partners, including fellow ServiceNow channel partners or partners with neighboring companies who may also bring the new service to their customers, Wojahn said.

“ServiceNow is a ‘platform of platforms,’” he said. “We are focused on helping partners in this ecosystem.”

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