Former Baylor star Deedee Richards shines with the WNBA Championship

Even when you’re living the dream as a professional athlete, the work can be tough. It wasn’t necessarily easy for DiDi Richards in her first two seasons as a WNBA player. The former Baylor defensive guard suffered injuries that limited her playing time and hindered her progress. “It’s tough. The last two years I’ve dealt … Read more

How this Scarborough man rose to the WNBA executive ranks

Inside Travis Charles’ office, it doesn’t take long to see where the vice president of basketball operations for the WNBA’s Dallas Wings is from. If the flag on the wall doesn’t give it away, the Blue Jays cap on the locker probably should. “I’m shouting from the mountaintops that I’m Canadian,” said Charles. “You walk … Read more

Noel Quinn went to Africa for training camps. The flight was much bigger than basketball for the Storm coach. | Storm

SEATTLE – Once the invitation was extended, there was no way Noel Quinn was going to say no. Some time ago, her friend Monica Rogers, who leads basketball operations for the NBA’s elite, approached Coach Storm about traveling to Senegal to attend the NBA Academy’s women’s camp in Africa to teach basketball and leadership skills … Read more