Paying off your credit card debt is a good solution for the new year

Carrying a balance has always been expensive, but it’s especially expensive now. The average credit card interest rate in mid-December was 19.42%, the highest rate since 1992. As the Federal Reserve continues to raise short-term interest rates to stifle inflation, average rates could rise even higher, says Ted Rossman, Credit Card Analyzer’s Bankrate.comwhich tracks interest … Read more

As the planet warms, agricultural scientists are focusing on the root of the problem

Lisa m. Krieger Mercury News SAN JOSE, Calif. — To feed a hotter, drier planet, Stanford scientists are building a smarter factory. The team genetically reprogrammed plants, nurtured in a lab room, to grow long or short, branching or thin roots — traits that alter the ability to gather nutrients or water. Controlling root growth … Read more

How pay transparency can affect your job search or raise

Knowing if you get paid fairly for the work you do is a puzzle shrouded in lack of information. However, that may change, and pay transparency could be the catalyst. It’s a growing trend for companies to disclose what drives an existing job or job opening – whether it’s voluntarily or because governments mandate it. … Read more

Financial actions speak louder than decisions

Tommy Tindall If financial decisions are intentions — “I want to save more money this year” — then financial goals are more specific — “I plan to cut discretionary spending by 20% each month.” Financial actions are the actual steps you take to make progress – “I will sign in and cancel any subscription service … Read more