Healthcare organizations are looking for new uses for virtual health technology

The virtual health revolution has spread over the past few years, notably through generational shifting events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, health care leaders, organizations, and policy makers see the value of virtual health, both in terms of patient convenience and experience, and the cost savings that virtual health can provide … Read more

“Things are looking” for the heart of Downtown Urbana | Economie

Record Swap owner Bob Diener says at his Lincoln Square store in Urbana his business has tripled since he moved it to the mall from Race Street just before the pandemic began in early 2020. Robin Schulz/The News Gazette To subscribe, click here Want to buy a hard copy today? This is a single copy … Read more

JP Morgan is betting big on the future of healthcare

JP Morgan is a core financial institution with investments and interests in all sectors around the world. In healthcare, the company made headlines just a few years ago for its innovative partnership with Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway in launching Haven, a joint venture to improve healthcare costs and the care experience for patients. Renowned surgeon … Read more

Economies booming with Russian wealth and immigration

Russians cross the border between Russia and Georgia days after President Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization campaign on September 21. Daru Solakuri | Getty Images News | Getty Images While many economies are suffering from the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a select few countries are benefiting from the influx of Russian immigrants and … Read more

Asia-Pacific leaders condemn the war and renew calls for open trade

BANGKOK (AP) — Leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region have called for an end to Russia’s war on Ukraine They pledged to steer the region’s economies towards sustainable growth as the summit meetings conclude on Saturday. Host Thailand got a diplomatic coup in managing divisions among the 21 members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum … Read more

A well-known professor in Moscow denounces France as “anti-Turkophobic and anti-Muslim”

Written by Professor Kamran Rustamov The French called on Pope Urban II to launch a crusade against the Turks. Voltaire wrote to Catherine II in 1769: “Madame, by killing the Turks, Your Imperial Majesty is lengthening my days.” The famous French writer Victor Hugo once wrote in one of his books that “with the barbarians,” … Read more

Chinese firms top billing in World Cup after team failure | Qatar World Cup 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – China may not send a team to Qatar, but Chinese companies will have top billing as sponsors of the 2022 World Cup. Chinese brands are the biggest sponsors for this month’s tournament – even outspending a list of US companies that includes such iconic names as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Budweiser. Chinese … Read more

This is why housing inflation can take some time to calm down

An “Open House” flag is displayed outside a single family home on September 22, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Alison’s dinner | Getty Images There are indications that inflation may fall further in the coming months, but housing threatens to mute any improvement. The consumer price index, a key measure of inflation, It rose 7.7% … Read more

China eases some quarantines for travelers even as cases rise

BEIJING (AFP) – Travelers arriving in China will spend less time in quarantine under changes to comprehensive anti-virus controls announced Friday to limit disruption to the economy and society. The announcement came even as an increase in COVID-19 cases prompted Beijing to close parks and impose other restrictions. The country reported 10,729 new cases, and … Read more