Inflation in perspective

What is inflation and how do we track it? In 2022, consumers have felt the effects of rising prices, and as much as experts simplify the definition of inflation, its causes remain complex and ever-moving. However, if we look back at other historical periods of inflation, we can see the combination of causes and what … Read more

Paying off your credit card debt is a good solution for the new year

Carrying a balance has always been expensive, but it’s especially expensive now. The average credit card interest rate in mid-December was 19.42%, the highest rate since 1992. As the Federal Reserve continues to raise short-term interest rates to stifle inflation, average rates could rise even higher, says Ted Rossman, Credit Card Analyzer’s Bankrate.comwhich tracks interest … Read more

Free markets to help workers succeed

Raleigh – I have two favorite Ronald Reagan quotes about the world of work. The former demonstrates his mastery of an indispensable political tool: self-deprecating humor. “It’s real hard work that didn’t kill anyone,” he quipped, “but I understand, why take a chance?” My other favorite quote from Reagan makes a serious point: “I believe … Read more

Small Business Lending Down in 2022 But Still 2nd Best Ever in Nebraska

Small business lending fell significantly last year in Nebraska, but the numbers are still strong. According to the Small Business Administration, there were $198.7 million in loan guarantees in the state in fiscal 2022 that ended Sept. 30, which is about $45 million less than the record in fiscal 2021. But total loan volume in … Read more