The uncertain economy is driving growth in AI-powered office automation

Corporate technology leaders are relying on artificial intelligence and other software automation tools to help companies grow without hiring additional workers anytime soon. Although some of these efforts predate current economic uncertainties, many are being accelerated or expanded as pressure grows on employers to do more with fewer resources—including fewer workers—until market conditions improvesays CIOs … Read more

next year for bonds

Personal Finance by Nellie S. Huang Kiplinger If there’s any truth to the adage “it’s always darker before dawn,” it’s that the sun should be heating up the bond market sometime soon. Despite a brief rally in December, the bond market suffered its worst decline in decades, thanks to rapid and large interest rate increases … Read more

The 5 fastest growing industries for 2023

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. The world is changing rapidly, and with it the industries that drive the global economy. In recent years, some industries have experienced explosive growth while others slowed down or disappeared completely. In this article, we will look at the top five fastest growing industries and discuss what makes them … Read more

Colorado hospitals in the state tell different earnings stories

DENVER – Gov. Jared Polis focused on part of it country address on healthcare costs, saying he’s worked in good faith with the industry to bring costs down, but not everyone is sticking to their end of the bargain. “Some large hospital systems are making record profits, paying no taxes and holding huge reserves while … Read more

Experts: Health care should be human-centered, integrative and innovative | Opinion

The renewed debate in Estonia over the sustainability – or, should we say, the unsustainability – of healthcare financing is welcome, particularly in light of the upcoming elections. There are many trends affecting healthcare financing in Estonia and growing unhappiness with it. The long-awaited aging of the population is gradually becoming a reality, increasing the … Read more