You cannot play one of the best dead space games in 2023

dead space Mobile (2011) screenshot: EA/Kotaku It was released recently dead space remake is a triumph among video game remakes, many of which have not been well received by fans over the past few years. And as huge dead space Fan, I’m very happy to see EA spending money on the franchise again – with … Read more

Netflix’s New Password Sharing Rules (And How to Work Around Them)

picture: Elliott Coand Jr (Clash) We knew that this day was coming: Netflix wants you to stop sharing your account with friends and familypreferably These users pay for their own account or not flowing at all. You may have heard about the company’s plans to crack down on such sharing, and even talked about it … Read more

The next Silicon Valley? Tech Nation will shut down after the UK withdraws funding

Traffic passes around the Old Street Roundabout, also referred to as the “Silicon Roundabout”, in the area known as the “Technical City” of London, UK Chris Ratcliffe | bloomberg | Getty Images Tech Nation, the UK’s startup accelerator programme, has announced it is set to close after failing to renew its funding from the government. … Read more

Anker Soundcore VR P10 tops gaming headphones and VR Earbuds

picture: Mark Knapp/Gizmodo While the true wireless gaming headset market is remarkably small, it just got a bit bigger with the addition of the Anker Soundcore VR P10. These earphones share a lot in common with the typical Bluetooth options you’ll find on the market, but they command the budget-friendly prices of Anker’s other Soundcore … Read more

VGI Technology Provides High Speed ​​Internet to Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay in Texas using Tarana ngFWA Technology | News

SAN ANGELO, TX & MILPITAS, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JANUARY 25, 2023- VGI Technology, an experienced Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Texas, and Tarana, manufacturer of the Next Generation Gigabit 1 (G1) Fixed Wireless Access (ngFWA) platform, today announced the exceptional progress of their active G1 deployments in Marble Falls. and Horseshoe Bay, Texas. This press release … Read more