Mike Trout On Team USA, Acuña will probably be out of WBC and LIDOM championship updates

influential base is a monthly column that highlights exciting happenings in baseball beyond the bounds MLB – from International tournaments For amateur teams and everything in between. This month’s column will feature the Dominican Winter League, a preview of the upcoming Caribbean Series and the latest updates from the WBC world. Hours after Tigres del … Read more

Broadcasting versus cable and satellite: Sports viewers and the evolving puzzles of television

The area on the tennis court midway between the baseline and the net is called “no man’s land”, and it is an area where players usually do not want to find themselves – too far away to hit the ball easily, too close to use groundstrokes on successful returns. This might be a rough description … Read more

Young Diamondbacks determined to end their postseason drought | sports

Let’s face it: The Arizona Diamondbacks have had a tough decade, especially in recent years. The team has only one postseason appearance in 10 years, and that ended in a decisive defeat to the eventual league champion Dodgers. The last time they won a playoff game was in 2007, before they were swept by Colorado … Read more

MLB sets a new revenue record, topping $10.8 billion for 2022

Major League Baseball achieved financial success in 2022, propelling itself to a new record for … [+] Revenues. (Photo by Steve Chambers/Getty Images) Getty Images Major League Baseball has achieved financial success in 2022, propelling itself to a new revenue record. After two years of revenue being negatively affected by the pandemic, the baseball business … Read more

We all need to stop buying the Madden video game

EA Sports lost a ton of Madden 23 files over the holiday.picture: Getty Images Sports video games are notoriously terrible. Rarely anything about them changes from year to year aside from the occasional roster updates and graphics fix. The gameplay remains relatively the same, and thus the fun remains the same as well. In fact, … Read more