Vacation survival tips from 5 financial professionals

For Ryan Decker, surviving the holiday shopping season is all about planning ahead. In fact, if he sees a gift for one of his two young sons in March, he’ll go ahead and buy it, instead of rushing through his December shopping list. “It lightens the load greatly,” he says, making December bills easier because … Read more

How to score an extra $1,830 per Social Security check

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Personal Finance: Saving for Retirement in Case of Divorce Later | Business

Ending a marriage can be emotional and challenging at any age, even if both parties agree that it is the right decision. When couples over 50 break up, they often face the added task of supporting two separate retirement plans with the assets intended for their combined nest egg. If you find yourself in this … Read more

3 basic rules for managing your money in retirement

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How stay-at-home couples can build credit

Couples share a lot, but regardless of your relationship status, your credit score belongs to you and only you. Even if you get 100% financial support from your spouse or partner, establishing and building your credit score is essential. It can benefit both of you as you navigate financial decisions together. But in the event … Read more

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(Maury Bachman) Retiring on Social Security alone is generally a bad idea. These benefits will only replace about 40% of your pre-retirement pay if you earn a median salary. This assumes that benefits are not significantly reduced in the future. Since Social Security is facing a fiscal shortfall, seniors may have to deal with it … Read more

3 Social Security tips to avoid costly mistakes

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