LeBrun: The Weight of Being Bait for the Trade, From Sundin to Giroux to Kane, Toews

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that we routinely underestimate the human side of things when it comes to the trade deadline. This is not fancy hockey. It’s real life. And when we talk about the possibility of some players moving before the deadline, you might be surprised at the impact … Read more

World junior Conor Bedard can tank the NHL in hyperdrive: LeBrun

There seems little doubt that this is the type of possibility and NHL The all-around tank-a-palooza franchise has to go for. There’s always a risk of overreacting to a junior player’s performance in the world, for good and bad, but what we’ve seen so far from Conor Bedard is stunning, from an astonishing 21 points … Read more