The study says that walking can counteract some of the effects of sitting

Let’s face it: many of us spend most of the day sitting at our desks. But no matter how much time your job takes, it’s important to make time for movement, whether that means walking around the block or getting up to stretch. It’s no secret that sitting for too long isn’t good for you, … Read more

Is it still possible to get fit and run a marathon after you’re 50? Here’s how Mr. Miyagi did it

If you are inspired by Lee’s story and want to give it a try, where do you start and how should you go about it? CNA Lifestyle asked two experts: Dr. Joshua Lee, Associate Consultant, Department of Sport and Exercise, Changi General Hospital, and Ray Luo Ban Chuan, Senior Physiologist, Orthopedics, Tan Tock Seng Hospital. … Read more