Princess Eugenie is pregnant! Royal and Jack Brooksbank are expecting their second child

Princess Eugenie is expecting a second child this summer with husband Jack Brooksbank, it was announced today. The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson gave birth to her first son August Philip Hawke-Brooksbank, who is 13th in line to the throne, at London’s Portland Hospital in February 2021. Buckingham Palace said in a … Read more

Prince Harry’s book sells millions. Why is it not very popular?

Extraordinary new polls show that the popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has fallen in America as well as the United Kingdom since The Prince’s publication. additionalYet his book continues to break sales records, and he has energized his online base and garnered many more Flat-out rave reviews (He recently earned praise from The … Read more

Kate Middleton is ‘already moved’ by Harry’s claims that her texts left Meghan in tears

Reports said the Princess of Wales is “really moved” after being “baffled” by Prince Harry’s claims in his disturbing memoir, Spear. Kate, who turned 41 this week, is reported to have “dismissed” the Duke of Sussex’s accusations against her in the book, including that she and Prince William “portray” Meghan Markle as a “biracial American … Read more

Excerpts from Prince Harry’s interview on 60 Minutes

In an interview with Anderson Cooper that aired in 60 minutes, Prince Harry spoke on US television for the first time about his upcoming memoir, “Spear.” These were some of the revelations from their conversation. Prince Harry describes how he learned of his mother’s death 60 minutes 02:59 Harry was twelve years old when his … Read more

Prince Harry no longer has a role in King Charles’ coronation: Insiders

Unsurprisingly, Prince Harry’s incendiary diary only served to deepen the rift between him and his royal family. King Charles has decided his estranged son will play no part in his upcoming coronation after countless family secrets are spilled, royal insiders have claimed. A source said: “As things stand, there is no role for Harry in … Read more

Royal sources said that Camilla did not leak details of her first meeting with William to the press

The Queen didn’t tell the press about her first meeting with Prince William, royal insiders insist, after the Duke of Sussex wrote in his diary that she leaked the story to the media. In his new autobiography Spear, Prince Harry has made a series of surprising revelations about the royal family, including claiming that Camilla … Read more

The Taliban respond to the “chess pieces” comment on the killing of Afghanistan

This photo taken on October 31, 2012 shows Britain’s Prince Harry conducting early morning pre-flight checks on the British-controlled flight path at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where he was serving as an Apache helicopter pilot/gunner with Army 662 Square Foot. Air Force. John Stillwell | Afp | Getty Images The early release of … Read more

King Charles begged William and Harry not to make his final years tragic

Prince Harry got into a “duel” with Prince William and King Charles III over his decision Leaving the royal family After Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. In this amazing memoir, “additional,” Harry reflected in the “secret meeting” in Frogmore Gardens between the three men as they try to Repair their broken relationship. However, what … Read more