Huge mental health field for new studies on the synergistic effect of the ingredients

This is according to an expert from the Australian Deakin University Food and Mood Center who specializes in researching the role of diet and nutrition in mental health. “The role that food and nutrition play when it comes to mental health is a completely new area of ​​research, but there has been knowledge of a … Read more

Lower rates of depression and loneliness for sports fans

Post on PinterestNew research indicates that sports fans experience lower rates of depression and loneliness than non-fans. Thomas Barwick / Getty Images Being a fan can lead to a sense of belonging and community. A new book for sports fans found that while 61% of Americans struggle with loneliness, non-fans are lonelier than fans. Whether … Read more

FarmFirst is seeking peer farmers for a new mental health program

FarmFirst is expanding access to mental health services for farmers in Vermont through its new Farmer-Peer Network. Ahead of launching the peer network in early 2023, FarmFirst is looking for more volunteers to become peer farmers before the first round of training on December 5. The non-profit program is working to provide farmers in Vermont … Read more

Brief: If you are pregnant, consult an expert before discontinuing mental health medication

Pregnant women with mental illness should consult an expert before stopping their medications, state officials said in a brief released Wednesday from the Maternal Death Review Board. The recommendation was among several in the case brief as part of a larger statewide effort to focus on maternal health. Other recommendations included screening for pregnant women … Read more

Drag Race’s Mo Heart encourages ignoring toxic beauty standards and your love

The “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum and recording artist reveals how learning to love herself was the key to living her happiest, healthiest life. Post on Pinterest“I had to learn to love and affirm myself. That’s when I started to lose weight, that’s when my skin started to clear, that’s when I took care of myself,” … Read more

A psychologist explains why depression is one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses

Depression is a debilitating condition. It’s time to get rid of the misinformation around him. GT Many people come to therapy seeking help with their depression. They ask questions like: “I wish I was able to handle life as a normal person. Why is my brain so incompetent?” “I feel so guilty because I feel … Read more

Family drama? How to keep your mental health intact during the holidays – NBC6 South Florida

We all know the holidays can be either the most magical time of the year or the most stressful. From heated political debates with family to calendars crammed with back-to-back holiday parties, this time of year can wreak havoc on just about anyone. Moms With a Mic’s Julia Bagg caught up with Kid Create Studio … Read more

Ronel Randolph, a teacher in Kansas City, dies

“He was a very compassionate person who liked to be around people and loved to help people,” Ronsha Randolph says of her late father, Ronel Randolph. Randolph family Roncha Randolph had no fashion design degree or prior industry experience when she decided to start her own clothing line. But what I did was support the … Read more

Disconnection can damage teens’ self-esteem more than excessive internet use

Denver, Colorado. You may want to rethink being very strict with your children’s screen time because going online can help boost their confidence. New research by a team at Michigan State University found that students who were more connected online had higher self-esteem and spent more time with friends and family. Miana Bryant experienced the … Read more

Healthcare company jails up to $400,000 for local providers | local news

Travel Town – Medical, mental health, and psychiatric services at the Grand Traverse County Jail cost up to $400,000 more than covered by a contract signed by county health support services. County Manager Nate Alger said the company ran out of money and asked the county for between $100,000 and $400,000, which the county did … Read more