A group of grandmothers in Zimbabwe is helping the world reimagine mental health care

Chibanda lost a patient — a young woman with a promising career and a life ahead of her — until she committed suicide after she was unable to access mental health care in her village and could not afford the $15 bus fare to travel 160 miles to see him. After the tragedy, Chibanda decided … Read more

With his new movie Speak to Me, Dix Hills artist Kurt Damas hopes to shed light on men’s mental health

The grief that followed the death of his close friend Kurt Damas last year changed his view of mental health. The loss he experienced was a catalyst for Damas, who had also lost his uncle, to write and direct a film that he hoped would help start a conversation about it. Psychological healthEspecially among men. … Read more

How to balance work, mental health, and friendships

Thema Bryant’s list of career accomplishments is undeniably impressive. As of 2023, she is the President of the American Psychological Association. Bryant is also a Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University where she directs the Culture and Trauma Research Laboratory. Prior to that, she was a coordinator for the SHARE program at Princeton University which … Read more

The proposed new psychiatric facility could house “at risk” mentally ill patients in North Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – There is growing concern about the arrival of a mental health hospital in North Baton Rouge. The new facility can be located in the Glen Oaks neighborhood next to Forest Heights Academy of Excellence and blocks from Glen Oaks High School. But who can be housed there is what the … Read more

Koko Mental Health App ChatGPT has been tested on its users

Clarification: ProStockStudio (stock struggle) the AI chatbot ChatGPT can do a lot of things. Could Respond to tweetsAnd Write science fictionplan this reporter family christmasand he Even scheduled Work as a lawyer In court. But a robot can Provide safe and effective mental health support? A company called Coco decided to find out Using artificial … Read more

InnovaCare’s newest clinic offers mental health care to the uninsured | News

Inova Health Systems has opened its first mental health clinic for people who are uninsured or uninsured, and launched the new program on its Cornwall campus in Leesburg. It is the newest addition to the Regional Hospital System’s Inova Cares clinics, serving people who do not have health insurance, are underinsured, or have Virginia Medicaid … Read more