Falling home prices is coming. High unemployment could make it much worse

London CNN Business – Last year, Auckland’s largest real estate company was unable to sell properties fast enough to meet demand in New Zealand’s largest city. Homes were “flying out the door,” said Grant Sykes, a principal at the Barfoot & Thompson real estate agency. “There were chin-breaking moments when agents would stand across the … Read more

Why Planet Fitness hasn’t raised the $10 monthly gym price in 30 years

New York CNN Business – A gym membership in the US costs about $50 a month. Boutique clubs and high-intensity classes run double and triple that. Planet FitnessHowever, it did offer a $10 monthly membership for 30 years. The no-frills gym chain hasn’t raised the price, making it one of the few things that still … Read more

Under Xi Jinping, Zero-Covid Accelerates China’s Surveillance Situation

Hong Kong CNN – As a new deadly virus swept through the central city of Wuhan and spread throughout the country China In early 2020, the country’s ruling Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, faced a crisis on a scale not seen in decades. In Wuhan, chaos reigned. The city closed itself off from … Read more

China’s economy is in ‘deep trouble’ as Xi heads to Communist Party congress

Hong Kong CNN Business – When Xi Jinping took power a decade ago, China had just overtaken Japan to become the world’s second largest economy. It has grown at an extraordinary pace since then. With an average annual growth rate of 6.7% since 2012, China has experienced one of the fastest sustainable expansions of a … Read more

Pandemic and labor shortages keep typhoon victims in limbo | Health, medicine and fitness

By Hannah Schonbaum and Gary D. Robertson – The Associated Press RALLY, NC (AFP) – After nearly six years of flood damage from Hurricane Matthew, Thad Artis was displaced from his Goldsboro, North Carolina home, not being put into permanent housing. Living alone in a hotel for the past two years, growing frustrated with what … Read more

A study has found that your blood type may influence your risk of having a stroke before the age of 60

Researchers have found that people with blood type A may be more likely to have a stroke before the age of 60 compared to other blood types. In contrast, those with blood type O are less likely to have an early stroke, according to a new meta-analysis. The research was conducted by a team led … Read more