iPhone Photographer: Sacramento woman opening an art gallery

Carol Mott‑Binckley will be showing her iPhone photography exhibition “Vinyl Wallpapers & Dreams” February 1-25, 2023, at Archival Gallery Sacramento. Courtesy of Carol Mott-Binckley On a trip to New York City with her best friend in 2009, Carol Mott-Binckley discovered the iPhone, marveling at its navigational capabilities between landmarks like Times Square and Central Park. … Read more

Should Interstate 99 in Sacramento Close Early During a Storm?

The storm that ripped through Northern California on New Year’s Eve caused serious flooding and three people died in Sacramento County. Along Highway 99 near Dillard Road, where two bodies were found, some wondered why that road wasn’t closed sooner. Several people in that area had to be rescued after falling into flood waters. Danielle … Read more