Russian oil sanctions are about to begin. And it can disrupt markets dramatically

European oil sanctions are set to kick in on December 5th. The idea is to reduce Russia’s oil revenues in light of its war in Ukraine. Andrei Rudakov | bloomberg | Getty Images Analysts have warned that the upcoming sanctions on Russian oil will be “really devastating” to energy markets if European countries fail to … Read more

Bad News: The headlines are already getting negative and angry The media

New research shows that right-leaning media tend to be more negative and angry. But the left also instills fear. Number of commenters You have argue In recent years the media has overemphasized negative in its content. Is that correct? Answering this question is no small feat, as it requires a standard against which media coverage … Read more

Open for closes, stocks, data and news

Ifo Institute says German economic sentiment improved in November The Ifo institute’s German business climate index rose to 86.3 in November from 84.5 in October. “While companies were somewhat less satisfied with their current business, pessimism about the coming months has declined sharply. The recession may be less severe than many expected,” said IFO President … Read more

Qatar World Cup exposes the disgrace of football

Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup is like Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States. It shouldn’t have happened, but the fact that it does just reveals how bad things have become. Once this famously old tournament kicks off in Doha tomorrow, the fact that it was so can’t be taken away: Qatar will … Read more

Investors evaluate the course of the interest rate

Manfred Knauf, CEO of Commerzbank, says that the bank is preparing not for a catastrophe, but for a mild recession Commerzbank CEO Manfred Knof said the bank had prepared for a “mild recession” and that it expected an increase in non-performing loans, but that it was “certainly not a disaster or a default problem”. “We’ve … Read more

APEC Summit involving Xi Jinping, Kamala Harris and other leaders

Kamala Harris to reaffirm the commitment to Southeast Asia, and hold talks with the Thai Prime Minister US Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to reaffirm Washington’s commitment to Southeast Asia during her trips to Thailand and the Philippines, a senior administration official told reporters in a background briefing earlier this week. The vice president … Read more

European markets open for closing, data and profits

The UK labor market slowed slightly in the third quarter The tight UK labor market saw a slight cooling in the third quarter as the economy entered into contraction. The unemployment rate was 3.6% in the three months to September, up from a five-decade low of 3.5% recorded between June and August. Data from the … Read more

Why Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen tickets will be more expensive

Terry White | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images Hundreds of thousands of Taylor Swift fans will be checking their phones closely Monday night, waiting to see if they’ve been selected by Ticketmaster’s approved fan system to buy tickets for the pop star and songwriter’s upcoming stadium tour. When these tickets go on sale later … Read more

European stocks open to close, data, earnings and market moves

Vivendi is keen to talk to the Italian government about the One Network plan Telecom Italia’s lead investor, Vivendi, wants to start talks with the newly elected Italian government to discuss plans to create a national broadband company, according to Sources close to the cluster. Negotiations for the sale of Telecom Italia’s landline network to … Read more

Germany and the European Union Play Embarrassing Hosts of the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference – POLITICO

BERLIN – Germany and the European Union will host a meeting on Tuesday on how to rebuild Ukraine after Russian aggression, but Kyiv shouldn’t get its hopes up – the meeting is unlikely to achieve anything concrete. Key questions about Ukraine’s future will not be answered, including who will pay for the reconstruction of the … Read more