The best laptops from CES 2023: Dual screens, 3D screen, and a twist

Lenovo YogaBook 9i (Gen 8) at CES 2023


CES 2023 brought many new and improved technologies, including Agriculture equipmentAnd Electric pickup trucksAnd Computerized lipstick applicatorsto core technologies upgrades such as smart phonesAnd televisions, and laptop computers. The most anticipated technology conference in the world Showed the limits of human innovation and how technology will continue to shape our lives.

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Laptops have been at the heart of mobile technology for decades, and each year they are faced with a long list of upgrades and new features. Some The new features are flopping hardbut others have become so popular that they’re changing how we interact with our laptops and what we expect from new laptops.

Our experts at ZDNET rounded up the best laptops from CES of the year, what makes them innovative, and the products of tomorrow. Some of these laptops won’t hit the market for a couple of months, but others, and Other cool tech seen at CES 2023 is available for purchase now.

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i 2-in-1 laptop



Lenovo Yoga Book 9i It debuted at CES 2023 with the novelty of being the first full-size OLED dual-screen laptop. Each of the laptop’s screens measures 13.3 inches, with a 16:10 ratio, and is powered by Dolby Vision. The 13th generation Intel Core i7-U15 processors can support 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512GB of storage.

The screens can be used side by side, one on top of the other, or side by side, depending on the user’s needs. Unlike other foldable laptops, the Yoga Book 9i still feels like a laptop, rather than a tablet attached to a keyboard. The Yoga Book 9i can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard if typing on a touchscreen gets too weird.

The 2-in-1 laptop is priced at $2,100 and is expected to be available in June. For a more detailed review and description of this innovative laptop, check out ZDNET’s Michael Garrivo’s review of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus curled up against a yellow background


Lenovo made a big “twist” at CES this year by announcing a new addition to the ThinkBook Plus series: the ThinkBook Plus Twist. The rotating screen of this laptop allows users to switch between clamshell or tablet mode without compromising display quality.

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This laptop comes with 13th Gen Intel Core processors, a 13.3-inch OLED display, a 12-inch E-Ink display, noise-canceling microphones, and enhanced wireless connectivity. According to Lenovo, the ThinkBook Plus Twist is ideal for traveling workers due to its versatile yet powerful functionality.

Lenovo expects the ThinkBook Plus Twist to be available in June at a price of $1,649.

LG Gram Ultraslim

LG Gram Ultra Slim laptop against a blue-green gradient background


LG’s Gram Ultraslim Our laptop enthusiasts were impressed by its ultra-thin bezel and light weight. This laptop weighs only about two pounds and is slightly thicker on one side to make room for the ports, making it the lightest and thinnest laptop on the market.

The Gram Ultraslim’s small stature doesn’t mean its specs are small, either. This laptop features a 15.6-inch OLED display, 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake processor, and up to 512GB of customizable storage.

Pricing for the Gram Ultraslim is not available at the time of this writing, but it will be available abroad starting next month and in the US later this year.

Acer Predator Helios 18

Acer Predator Helios 18 on a green background


Acer had an impressive lineup at CES this year, debuting a bold line of gaming laptops and monitors. we Liked the Acer Predator line For its penchant for challenging the status quo of gaming laptops.

In particular, the Acer Predator Helios 18 pleased laptop fans with its 18-inch, 16:10, customizable OLED screen, 32 GB of DDR 5 4800 RAM, and 2 TB of storage. This laptop comes with enhanced thermal technology, a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 or i7 HX processor, a backlit keyboard, and a free month of Xbox or PC Game Pass.

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The Acer Predator Helios 18 will be available in the US starting in April at a price of $1,699.

Asus Pro Art Studio Book 16

Asus ProArt Studiobook 16 on a black and green background


The Asus ProArt Studiobook surprised by being The first laptop with a 3D displayNo need for glasses.

The 16-inch OLED screen of this laptop can bring anything to life with its “Spacial Vision” technology. The ProArt Studiobook is geared towards designers, animators, artists and other creative professionals to help them see their creations from all angles, as the laptop can hinge at 180 degrees.

Powered by the 13th Generation Intel Core i9 13980HX processor, this laptop also comes with Nvidia 4000 Series Graphics, 64GB DDR5 RAM and up to 8TB SSD.

At the moment it is not known when and how long this laptop will be on the market.

HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook

HP Dragonfly Pro series

Photo: HP

For some tech enthusiasts, going back to basics is essential. Not too basic, of course, but basic enough not to overwhelm people with a list of options. HP addresses the need for functional simplicity with the Dragonfly Pro Chromebook.

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This laptop comes with a 14-inch display, 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1235U processor, 16GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage. For all the simple yet powerful specifications this laptop has to offer, Check out our coverage of the Dragonfly Pro Chromebook.

HP has not revealed pricing or when this laptop will be available.

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