The book details the stories of those behind New Haven’s historic buildings

New Haven – Every building in the city has a creator, and each builder has a unique life story. To learn these stories, Susan Goodshall said, is a stepping stone to learning “part of our architectural heritage.”

The book consists of biographies of 23 builders who built homes, commercial, academic, monuments, and other buildings in the city between 1810-1930, and color illustrations and maps of the 55 buildings featured in the book.

Allah , A longtime resident of the city who participates in NHPTShe said she came across these builders’ life stories when she was searching the Historic Resources Inventory for various Preservation Trust properties.

She said that initially the book was only going to be 28 pages, with only one page per builder, but “the more we got into it, we realized that these builders had life stories,” she said. “They had families, they had civic office.”

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