The end of the seventh episode of House of the Dragon is the biggest change from the books so far

When you play Game of Thrones, you win or you die – unless it turns out there’s some common ground after all. It was previously believed that it does not exist, Dragon House It featured a third way to play the game in its seventh installment, “Driftmark”, concluding the episode that surprised only show-watchers and book-readers alike.

In fact, it’s the fans who read George RR Martin‘s fire and blood Who were most surprised by the way “Driftmark” closed: Lenore Villarion (John MacMillan(Faking his death with the help of his wife, Rhenira)Emma DarcyAnd her new husband is a demon.Matt Smith). Here’s how it was played out, and why it’s such a big problem for believers in reading books.

Directed by Miguel Saposhnik Written by Kevin Lau‘Driftmark’ focuses on the location at the heart of the address: Driftmark, the royal residence of House Velaryon. Royal family members gather from all over to commemorate Laena Velaryon (Nana Blondel), with every major player in attendance at the show: King Viserys (Buddy Considine), the hand of King Otto Heitor has been reset (Rhys Evans), his daughter/queen Viserys, Alicent (Olivia Cook), and the aforementioned Rhaenyra and Daemon, and all children involved.

The funeral was indeed assembled for a tragic occasion, however the funeral was the inspiration for further tragedy when the children of Rhaenyra and Alicent erupt into a bloody battle, leading to clearly drawn battle lines between the two sides of the King’s family. There’s no returning blood to the vein, as it were, and Renera knows that. The war for the throne is coming, and she needs the support of the allies on her side.

To that end, Rhaenyra and Daemon consummate their relationship on the shores of the Driftmark, and later agree that it is time to band together as wife and husband to cement their claim to the Iron Throne. There’s only one problem: Reinera is married to Lenore. During his stay, Raynera and Damon could not marry. It’s a demon who points this out to Rhinera – and it’s Rinera who coldly agreed, indicating her willingness to kill her husband of 10 years, Lenore Villarion.

In the final chapter of the episode, we see a series of events that lead to a hit by order of Rhaenyra on Laenor. The Devil Confronts Lenore Karl Curie’s LoverArtie Frochan) and offers him a great fortune to do a job. Elsewhere, Daemon killed the man of House Velaryon for reasons mysterious at the time. Later, Qarl provokes Laenor in a quiet room in the Driftmark, with only one boy as a witness. The witness flees the crime scene while Lenore and Carl draw swords and fight each other, likely to death. When the witness returns with Lenore’s parents, Corliss (Steve Toussaint) and Rhaenys (Eve is better) In diameter, tar was gone, and Lenore’s body roasted in the fire, charred beyond recognition. An eel and a queen who has never been howl in pain over the corpse of their last remaining child, and the audience is left furious in Rhaenyra and Daemon as the two killers marry each other in a bloody seaside ceremony.

Except for Rhaenyra and Daemon they are not killers, at least they are not killers this is Occasions. The episode ends with Qarl pushing a canoe away from the Driftmark under cover of night. He was joined by a masked man who jumped on the boat with Karl. As they wander deeper and deeper into the ocean and head toward a ship, the identity of the masked man is revealed: Laenor Velaryon, actually alive and well, dead and gone to the whole world.

It’s a big development for Dragon Houseno doubt, but it’s a bigger development for those who read fire and blood. In the book, Lenore died, stop. A historical record in the universe based on many used and third accounts to tell the story of the Targaryen dynasty, fire and blood He leaves the details of Lenore’s death for some interpretation, but there is no dispute that this happened. Reports indicate that Carl killed Lenore at an exhibition, in the presence of several public witnesses. Carl’s motives have been left up for debate, with some attributing it to a lover’s quarrel, while another accounts that he was hired by Daemon in order to pave the way for marriage to Rhaenyra. Anyway, after the murder, Karl Curie was never seen or heard of again, in fire and blood or something else.

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