The Force won the IndyCar Championship; Balu wins at the end of the season

MONTERERY, CA (AP) – Will Power was pushed to the brink on Sunday by Team Penske but withstood an internal challenge from his teammate to close out a season of consistency and win his second IndyCar Championship.

Power finished third in the Laguna Seca race to beat teammate Joseph Newgarden for the championship by 16 points in the final standings. The first Australian IndyCar title came in 2014.

“Oh, man, it looks so surreal,” Bauer said as he crossed the finish line behind outgoing IndyCar champ Alex Ballou and Newgarden, who used white-knuckle drive across the field to make Bauer sweat up to the checkered flag.

Strength only needed to finish third to win the championship. But Penske has proven over the past week that its cars race individually and that all three drivers were on their own in that decision.

Newgarden was relentless.

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