The most important defensive unit of the New York Jets broke out against Miami

Finally, playing the heart and soul of the New York Jets defense to its highest potential

Airplane enthusiasts have been hearing it since then Robert Saleh Set foot in One Jets Drive: The New York JetsDefense will be built around the passing dash.

The Jets’ passing expectations were high in 2021, but they never rolled over due to injuries to some of the team’s best passing. By 2022, expectations for the unit have slipped through the roof thanks to a healthy return Carl Lawson And new additions like Jermaine JohnsonAnd the Jacob MartinAnd the Solomon Thomas.

It looks like we’re finally starting to see this unit working at its full potential.

The rush to New York gradually improved over the first four weeks of the year. In the fifth week, everything came together. The Jets exploded to perform a completely dominant pass acceleration, as they were instrumental in the team’s 40-17 win over Miami.

Dolphins Skylar Thompson’s quarterback has been pressed by 60.0% of dropouts, the highest a qualifying quarterback has absorbed in any game this season. Across 35 times, Thompson was pushed 21 times, fell 16 times, and sacked twice.

who – which It is the dominance that aircraft enthusiasts want to see from Saleh’s defense.

It was a collective effort by the defensive front of New York. Several players contributed to the complete destruction of Miami’s offensive line.

But it all started with the man who was supposed to be the leader of this rushing pass: Edge Accelerator Carl Lawson.

Lawson gave Gates fans the best performance they’ve seen from the edge accelerator since John Abraham wore green. He’s hit seven quarterbacks, setting a new franchise record since the stats were first tracked in 2006. Overall, Lawson had eight pressures, ranking second among all edge strikers in the NFL in Week 5 (Night Football before Monday). The highlight of Lawson’s day was a strip bag to get him back Quinn Williams.

Speaking of Williams, he went on to add what became an All-Pro-caliber resume. Williams amassed six pressures, and tied for second place among the home defense line in week five so far.

However, it wasn’t Williams who ranked second on the team in pressure behind Lawson. she was John Franklin Myers. JFM picked up seven pressures, which includes five quarterback strokes. His total of five QB four-strokes makes him the second-best mark by a jet in the 17-season history of the stats.

Franklin Myers’ best moment was a minute. on me Gardner sauceThe first interception of his career, Franklin Myers’ kick on Thompson knocked the ball down, which gave Gardner time to undermine and capture the pass.

The New York Big Three of Lawson, Williams and Franklin Myers made a big splash. But the quiet engine behind all this success was a man who only played 15 shots: Brice Huff.

Hof raised four pressures on just 15 shots of dash passes to earn a 26.7% stellar pressure, to lead the team. With two games, Huff has pressed seven on just 24 dash passes, giving him a 29.2% dribbling average to rank second among all rush games over the past two weeks.

Huff finds a niche in the Jets’ defense as a fast-passing specialist. The Jets only put him on the field in clear pass positions. All of his 24 defensive shots this season have come on a passing game.

New York’s plan for Huff works like a charm. Every time he takes the field, Hof has a tank full of gas and empties it completely. He has the luxury of doing so because he knows he’ll get several plays of rest after each rep.

According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Huff’s average exit time is 0.58 seconds this season, the fastest in the league among edge racers. Carl Lawson ranks two places behind with a time of 0.69sec while Miles Jarrett is second (technically first if we use a reasonable surprise number qualification) with 0.68sec.

Jacob Martin He played 11 shots for the low season in this game and actually benefited from the downgrade because he was performing better. Martin picked up two compressions in just six times.

Sheldon Rankins Also contributed to a pair of stresses while Sauce Gardner, Michael ClemonsAnd the Nathan Shepherd Each had.

Good things happen when you make the opposition quarterback’s life miserable.

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