The Nottingham Nature Nook releases 15 fluffs into the wild in Bath

TWP bathroom. – Little tongues licking small noses like 15 petite fluffs plaited and pressed onto tall grass and sheltered in their ‘Fawn Haven’ sanctuary.

It wasn’t a Disney movie. The scene unfolded on Sheryl Connell Marsh’s property on Tuesday afternoon as she released the animals she had married for the past two months.

“I love it because it’s what it’s supposed to be,” she said. “But now I’m sad, right?”

Connell-Marsh Nottingham operates the Nature Nook, a licensed rehabilitation facility that deals with non-federally regulated mammals and birds. Specializing in foxes, deer, euthanasia and counseling, According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Connell-Marsh has been rescuing elk and other wild animals since 2013. Each October, it releases rescued elk into the wild, as required by DNR Command for Wildlife Conservation.

Early release in October is important, so the elk have time to acclimatize to the wild before winter, Casey Ritz, DNR Wildlife Division permit specialist, said in an email.

“We want them to be able to learn[how to]forage before food production starts to diminish. Releasing them in the late fall reduces their chance of survival due to the lack of available food resources,” Ritz said.

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