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This science fiction series adapts the stars and elegance of William Gibson’s novel, and assumes a near future in which hypothetical evolution has outpaced societal evolution. In the town of Blue Ridge Mountains, Flynn Fisher (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her military veteran brother Burton (Jack Raynor) earn enough money to care for their ailing mother by playing incredibly realistic video games. But when they’re asked to test-beta a new simulation set in a bleak, murderous futuristic London, things get completely out of hand. The show’s themes of liberating the body and removing the inhibition inherent in VR are timely and multiple AR at the heart of the story is beautifully realized.
Prime Video, from Friday October 21


From left: Serena Gulamgus, Jennifer Ince, Adrien Brody, and Ian Hochabeloit Chapeluit.
From left: Serena Gulamgus, Jennifer Ince, Adrien Brody, and Ian Hochabeloit Chapeluit. Photography: Chris Reardon/Ipex/Sony Pictures Television

Based on Stephen King’s short story “Jerusalem Lot”, this 10-part horror stars Adrien Brody Like Captain Charles Boone, a widower with a checkered family history who moves with his three children to his ancestral old Chaploite home in the seemingly sleepy but slightly sinister town of Preachers Corners. The house was built specifically for jump scares and dreaded squeaks, and there’s unfinished business here that an increasingly achy Boone must contend with. The drama unfolds in what is gently described as a stately rhythm. However, the concerns are worth the wait.
Paramount+, from Wednesday, October 19

step up

Ne-Yo as Sage Odom and Christina Milian as Colette Jones in Step Up.
No more drama… Ne-Yo as Sage Odom and Christina Milian as Collette Jones in Step Up. Photography: Mark Hill/STARZ Entertainment

“Choose your words carefully, Mr. Odom, because Georgia is a capital city.” When we return to High Water, the dance school in Atlanta that specializes in polishing the toughest diamonds, founder Sage Odom (Ne-Yo) has a problem. He is pressured by the prosecutor to explain his role in the death of Ernest Octavio and enemies gather. Meanwhile, his life and work partner Colette Jones (Christina Milian, replacing tragically departed Naya Rivera) tries to keep the show on the road, while it deals with a string of increasingly volatile performers.
Lionsgate+, as of Sunday 16th October


Iman Omrani in Untold: Inside the Shein Machine.
Fast fashion… Iman Omrani in Untold: Inside the Shein Machine. Photography: Zandland Films

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So he proves it with fast fashion brand Shein, which, based on the fantastic documentary directed by Iman Omrani, if relentlessly frustrated, is a successful threat on nearly every level. Omrani hears from brand addicts who love cheap, flirty clothes and influencers who sell products online. She also gets the merchandise on the company’s horrific, addictive, almost compulsive, website and the brutal conditions in which the clothes are made. Capitalism at its worst.
Every 4th, Monday 17th October


Everyone loves Maximo… Enrique Arrizon (left) in Acapulco.
Everyone loves Maximo… Enrique Arrizon (left) in Acapulco. Photography: Kate Cameron/Apple

A second series of this Bilingual delightful drama (Spanish and English) After the adventures of Maximo (Enrique Arizón), a cabana boy at a luxury Acapulco resort. It’s not quite a poverty-to-riches story – Maximo’s life wasn’t quite that horrible in the first place – nor is it a white lotus-style satire about the atrocities of the rich. Instead, expect gentle dents and unmistakable moral lessons, carried by an engaging staff. Maximo is falling in love this season – but there is bad news for his family that could change everything.
+ Apple TV starting Friday, October 21

from scratch

Eugenio Mastrandria as Lino Ortolano in From Scratch.
Oui chef… Eugenio Mastrandria as Lino Ortolano in From Scratch. Photo: Aaron Epstein/Netflix

A runaway love story without an apology, a full-scale, button-pushing love story starring Zoe Saldana as Amy Wheeler, an American student in rural Italy swept away by art, rustic beauty and, most of all, Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea), a handsome talented chef. uselessly. The couple seem ready for a life full of romantic bliss, but soon an unexpected health crisis hits Leno. Will Amy’s extended family rise to the top? defy. What stands out is an uplifting, albeit often thorny drama of love, sacrifice, and resilience.
Netflix, starting Friday October 21

28 haunted days

From left: Ray Causey, Amy Parks, and Shane Bateman on 28 Haunted Days.
Paranormal Activity… (from left) Ray Causey, Amy Parks and Shane Bateman in 28 Haunted Days. Photo: Netflix

“Once we’re in here, we’ll never be the same.” We’ve always been back in the entertainment world for a TV paranormal investigator. This time, it’s a marathon of screaming, shivering, and night-vision cameras as three teams of so-called researchers attempt to spend 28 days in a seemingly haunted place (a big old house, inevitably). The key to the show’s success is the seriousness with which this ridiculous project is being carried out – it’s clear that all the participants have invested heavily in the idea of ​​the paranormal, adding to the fun.
Netflix, starting Friday October 21

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