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good morning! Watch out for Scoot coming down the lane.


What’s up with Lamar?

Sunday night, f crows will play the Bengals In the Wild Card Round of the Qualifiers. Lamar Jacksonformer league MVP and longtime franchise cornerstone, probably won’t suit you.

We may never see him dressed as Crows again, either. what gives?

  • Jackson sprained his PCL in the December 4 Baltimore game against the Bronco He hasn’t played since. It is Jackson’s second straight season marred by injury.
  • He is also ready for a new contract next seasonIt is unclear if he and the Ravens can agree on terms. He reportedly turned down a $250 million ($133 million guaranteed) contract offer out of last season, hoping for a deal closer to a fully secured contract. Cleveland gave Deshaun Watson. Jackson has acted as his own agent.
  • If Baltimore wants to keep him for another season, they can. The Ravens still have a franchise tag to use, and we’re talking about a former MVP who’s just getting started. Seeing Jackson in a different uniform would say a lot about how much they valued Jackson—or how badly the negotiations went.

Jackson, 26, is still very young by modern quarterback standards. Just one year older than… collegiate national champion Stetson Bennett.

Something to watch this off season. For now, Jackson It still looms During a weekend playoff game with the Bengals. If he can’t go, the Ravens will try to beat the hot Bengals with either Tyler Huntley or Anthony Brown. They will have to rely on it Another brave defensive effort If they have any chance of winning.

good luck.

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You are certified believers in the fields

Almost 83 percent of you Think Justin Fields He is the starting quarterback for bear next season. Congratulations to him for instilling that confidence against the first choice. Bryce Young received 13 percent of the vote, while C.J. Stroud received 4 percent.

Thanks as always for voting

Typical project SZN

Don’t sleep on Scoot

Sam Vecenie returns victorious b 2023 New NBA Mock Draft Today, it is not surprising to see Victor Wimpanayama at the top. Except for something important, we can write that in ink.

But let’s talk about Scoot Henderson, sure he’s the #2 pick as ever. Vecenie notes that Henderson could have been No. 1 overall in the 2020 or 2022 draft.

  • The young player is an athlete like Ja Morant and Derrick Rose, with an uncanny sense of the game. scary. Watch only This sticker is dipping from that night. He is 18 years old.
  • Henderson is impressive off the field, too. Mike Vorkunov Cool profile A young Henderson who is worth your time. Already acclimated to life in the G League, Henderson trademarked his personal logo and started his own AAU program.
  • I loved this quote from G League Ignite GM Anthony McClish: “I can understand why you got Victor #1 on your board, but that’s your conscience you have to live with if you transgress [Scoot]. “

Wembanyama might be the best prospect since LeBron James, but we should be excited to see Scoot play too.

After No. 2, the questions begin. See the rest Sam’s sarcasm for answers.

Summary / s

PaytonWatch has started
We expect to see the former saints Coach Sean Payton’s name dominated the news cycle in the coming weeks. Payton, who walked away from the Saints after 15 years, is the clear best candidate in the market and has already received a lot of interest from teams opening. DenverAnd Arizona And Houston It is already said that interviews are lined up.

Jeff Howe Break every slot – In addition to potential openings. Payton will have his pick of the vacancies, most likely, though there’s a catch: Whichever team hires him should trade him, since the coach is under contract with New Orleans through 2024.

Trade Dodgers for the SS
Los Angeles Every elite free agent missed this off-season, so Yesterday traded for Miguel Rojas Marlins makes sense. Rojas debuted with the Dodgers in 2014 and landed in Miami, ironically via trade after that rookie season.

Korea speaking
You have to attribute the twins to perseverance. They’ve been keeping in touch with Carlos Correa’s camp through two big pages for the star shortstop, to make sure they don’t miss their chance to re-sign him. he said yesterday In his press conference he reintroduced that his “heart was in Minnesota”. Dan Hayes has a great story about Korea’s ‘delightful’ comeback to the twins.

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Hamlin devastation he home from the hospital, just nine days after suffering cardiac arrest on the field in Cincinnati. Super things. He will continue to rehabilitate at home.

It would be very, very difficult to do that Select Eastern Conference All-Stars.

Who is he NFL coach of the year? It’s a tight race.

Frankie Muniz – from “Malcolm in the Middle” fame – He will be a professional racing car driver. seriously.

Romeo, son of David Beckham, plays lower-level football in England. Jay Harris interesting story.

No college football program has won three AP titles in a row. Looks like Georgia already hungry to be the first. so they are I ate wings During Monday’s title match.

Trent Williams And Nick Bosa They are close because They kept hitting each other in practice Something unusual for him.

Division I football in Chicago? Register with us.

Justin Jefferson He is Minnesota’s “Franchise Changer,” ready to join a long legacy of elite wide receivers. Alec Lewis Profiles of the young star.

(Photo: Mitch Stringer/USA Today)

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