The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Peek at Reunion

Put everything on the table! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The stars get drama back during their season 12 reunion — and no one’s holding back.

In a sneak peek at the trailer that premiered Thursday, October 6, Housewives — including Kyle RichardsAnd the Lisa RinaAnd the Erica JaneAnd the Dorit KemsleyAnd the Garcel BuffetAnd the Sutton StrackAnd the Crystal Kong MinkoffAnd the Diana Jenkins And the Kathy Hilton Sit down to recount the events that happened during the past 21 episodes.

The teaser begins with Richards, 53, breaking down in tears. “I’m not feeling well now,” she said to the host Andy Cohen at the end of filming. “I don’t want to sit here for a toast. Can I leave?”

Then the trailer goes back 23 minutes ago to reveal a stunned Richards telling The Watch what’s happening live The host, 54, that you need to “end up in a better place here [Hilton] what came of it.”

Buffet, 55, criticizes Rina, 59, for hurting her Halloween kills The star claims that Hilton, 63, had an off-camera meltdown.

Tensions between Richards and Hilton came to a head during the cast’s trip to Aspen, Colorado. At the time, Rinna provided a glimpse into what allegedly happened between her and the New York native.

According to the former soap star, Hilton began venting about her issues with Richards during the night. “She screams that she is ‘made’ by Kyle. Cathy is in charge of Kyle and said, ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if this is the last thing I ever do,'” Rina claimed in the episode that aired in September.

In Thursday’s trailer, Hilton can be seen stalking Rinna herself, claiming that Melrose Place The actress “fights everyone” and is “Hollywood’s biggest bully”.

The I want to be Hilton The star then sits through List of allegations made by Rinna about the above night In Aspen, claiming that the party costume designer said “dumb stupid Dorrit is useless,” “Crystal and Sutton are flocks of L-R’s” and “I’ll destroy Kyle and her family if that’s the last thing I ever do.”

“I was abused by Kathy Hilton, baby, I wanted her on camera, because your contract was about to happen,” says Rinna, before Hilton re-shoots.

Cohen also called Rinna’s behavior “disastrous” on social media, noting that Bold and beautiful The Stracke alum, 51, is treated like a “punching bag.”

Meanwhile, Jayne, 51, is opening up about her sex life after their breakup Tom Gerardi. “You have to have a list, it’s like a team,” jokes the “Pretty Mess” singer.

The trailer also shows Bravo women discussing Jane’s struggle in Colorado, with Richard calling her “out of control” as she put herself in front of the people hurt by 83-year-old Gerardi’s crimes.

“I wasn’t out of control,” replied the Chicago alum. “I was angry.”

The Housewives also discuss the situation between Jane and Buffet’s 14-year-old son, Kong Minkoff’s eating disorder and rumors that Kimsley was having an affair with Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky.

The reunion, which will be broadcast in three separate installments, Made headlines weeks before the trailer was released. Last month, Cohen said a “bomb” had already fallen shortly after today’s events. “A mystery I didn’t know existed has been solved,” he said via Instagram Story at the time.

Later that day, the Missouri native also quipped that the seating was too tense, and no group photo was taken at the end of filming – a first in Real Housewives’ history.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The Season 12 reunion will begin airing on Wednesday, October 12th at 8PM EST on Bravo. The next two installments will be shown in the following two weeks at the same time.

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