The Thomas Moran painting confirmed its donation to the Toledo Museum

Marto did

Helena – When retired Gibsonburg art teacher Marto “Marty” Atkinson was growing up in Hudson, her mother kept a painting of Thomas Moran hanging on the wall. The so-called antique experts repeatedly told her mother that the painting had no value, but her mother insisted that the painting had great value.

Atkinson, who lives in Helena now, doesn’t know much about the history of the painting, only that her maternal grandfather somehow acquired it in Philadelphia. When her mother died, Atkinson inherited the painting, and always wondered if her mother’s hunch about it was correct.

Atkinson inherited a sketch artist whose work led to the creation of Yellowstone National Park

In 2005, Atkinson discovered her mother was right.

“My friend had tickets to Antiques Roadshow, and she called me and said, ‘Get the plate,'” Atkinson said.

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