The Virtual Gun Set opens Friday as part of Your Great Escape

Gavin Leffler explains how Freedom Fire's virtual scope works.

Matt and Eliza Cole are ready to give another business a chance.

Local entrepreneurs already run a handful of businesses in the Southern Lights Mall on Marion Road. They opened New2You Bargain Bins in May 2020, then added a retail store, pallet sales, and online BidRite auctions.

In late 2021, they added Your Great Escape: Break It or Break Out in a pair of storefronts, offering escape rooms, virtual reality games, rage drawing, and smash rooms (also known as breakout rooms or rage rooms).

On Friday, they plan to open the Freedom Fire Virtual Range as part of the Your great escape.

Virtual Range offers a wide range of shooting games – everything from close combat to trap shooting. Other scenarios are more geared towards traditional timed target practice. Shooters can choose from a variety of weapons, including pistols and shotguns.

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