The Voice contestants were challenged to sing the star’s song right in front of her: “They’re going to pass out.”

When did we last leave? the sound Season 22 onwards MondayBlind Auditions are over, and the battle rounds are just beginning with two country performers from Team Blake, old-school bassist Austin Montgomery and ’90s-style Tanner Fossil. Both singers kept Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”, It leads Blake Shelton to think, “There are two ways to go here, and they’re both right.” Monday’s episode ended with a gritty event, but when the sound Returning on Tuesday, Blake finally settled on Austin’s “Classic Country Sound”, stating, “I think it’s important for this show to have an artist who represents not just country music, but that time period.”

Maybe Blake is tired of making such hard decisions, and maybe that’s why I have decided to leave the sound Next year After its twenty-third season. But with his deliberations off Austin/Tanner, at least he was able to sit for the rest of Tuesday’s hour-long episode in his comfy red chair, as fights began with fellow coaches John Legend, Camila Cabello, and Gwen Stefani. The most electric pairs of the night were Team Legend’s Dia Malai and Valarie Harding.

Dia and Valarie faced the added challenge, on an already stressful night, of Jazmine Sullivan singing “Bust Your Windows” In front of Jasmine Sullivan herselfThe two-time Grammy winner was a surprise guest advisor to John this week. “I can’t wait to see my singers [Jazmine]John laughed as he prepared to enter the training room. “We are going to take out Jazmin, and they will do it fainting! “

Dia Malai Reacts to Jazmine Sullivan's Rehearsal Room Entrance On & # 39;  The Voice.  & # 39;  (Images: NBC)

Dia Malai’s reaction to Jazmine Sullivan’s rehearsal room entrance on “The Voice”. (Images: NBC)

no! Diya exclaimed when she saw Jasmine. Diya later admitted, “I’m glad I didn’t pass out. …I hope when she watches this, she thinks I’ve done a good job of keeping my nerves.”

The “Bust Your Windows” mission was a disingenuous and unsympathetic move on John’s part, considering he repeatedly stated that he hated it when voice Contestants cover his own songs in front of him. (That’s why he didn’t turn to Justin Aaron’s “Glory” audition on Monday, for example.) But thankfully, Jazmin enthusiastically appreciated the two women’s efforts, and the two ladies kept calm during rehearsals.

However, on stage, Dia was super hot—or hot green, as it were, in what John called an emerald-coloured, merry “psychedelic costume.” Jon loved how Dia really got into what Jazmine called the “Catwoman” character, and how she channeled “righteous indignation” into the anthem that despised women and “carried herself with star demeanor.” There was no doubt that Zia was the star of this battle. Blake said Dia gave “a more consistent performance overall,” Gwen said the “emerging artist” with “Situation” stole her heart, and Camilla said, “Dia, your face and movement were conveying the emotion of the song. You’re sexy to watch.”

But despite all of Dia’s rock star attributes, the 41-year-old duo’s veteran rival, Valarie, was the singer’s strongest. Blake described her voice as “explosive,” Camilla said she “has a greater mastery” of her instruments, and Gwen told her, “You really know your voice.” In the end, John felt he had to go with the contestant who “can only sing perfectly,” and choose Valarie. “I think Dia was a little better at being in character, but I feel like that’s the case the soundAnd I still have to honor the best singer when I think about who’s going to advance on my team. And I think Valary has always been a better vocalist than Dia,” John explained.

What surprised me most about Jazmine’s cameo was the fact that John didn’t use Save on Dia—considering he seemed to be smitten with her as an actor—or that none of the other three coaches, who preferred Dia over Valarie, tried to steal Dia. Instead, we had to wait until the end of the night to get a more sudden reprieve.

Team Gwen’s Tuesday Battle paired 16-year-old stage prodigy Rowan Grace against her “friend” Jillian Jordan, 17 years voice The fan who completely lost his composure During her blind test. I was worried that it was Jillian who would faint as soon as Gwen’s advisor, Sean Paul, walked into the practice room. But Jillian mostly kept it and looked a lot better than she did the first time, even if her nerves were still palpable; John later praised her “clear and insightful tone.”

However, Rowan’s theatrical skills give her an edge over Lauren Spencer Smith’s “Fingers Crossed,” as she really taps into the intense pain and anger of the teen breakup song. She was also the top singer. John even called it “revelation.” Gwen was “very emotional” of course, because she loves directing young singers and was very proud of the two girls’ performances, but she clearly had to go with Rowan. “It’s absolutely amazing for a 16-year-old — your ability to be so good-natured and heartfelt at the right moments, but on top of that, being able to do the running that comes from your heart,” gwen gushed.

The night ended with two top contestants, both experienced Nashville songwriters: 36-year-old Morgan Miles and 40-year-old Stephen McMorran. I was totally blown away by Steven’s one-chair, one-octave audition – so much so that I suggested he stick to writing songs and try to do it Songland Instead – so, I thought his calm voice wouldn’t match the mission of this battle theme song, Miley Cyrus’ emotional power ballad “Wrecking Ball”. But Stephen’s voice complements Morgan’s fiery roar, which surprisingly resembles Miley’s. Morgan was still a star this is offered, but Stephen was a solid partner; The two shared amazing chemistry, and Stephen showed off a set I hadn’t heard of before. “It’s crazy how good your two voices sound together.” It was such an amazing duo,” Gwen raved.

Camilla Morgan advanced to the knockout rounds, which was the obvious and correct decision, but it was a tougher one than she probably expected. “Steven, I don’t think we’ve heard the song that brought down the house yet. People don’t know what you can do yet.” Which is why Camila used her one Save on Steven… during her first ever fight! “I can’t sleep in peace knowing we haven’t decoded yet — that moment for you, that song,” she explained.

This may have been premature on Camila’s part, considering how strong the team as a whole is, given that there are so many Battle Rounds to go. But come back next week to see who is being rescued, who is being robbed, or, like Dia, who is being sent home too soon.

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