‘The Way of Water’ Passes $2 Billion at the Global Box Office – Deadline

Update to the latest…: now official, James Cameron‘s symbol pictureWater way It became the sixth film of all time to exceed $2 billion worldwide. He is also the third director to hit this milestone Titanic and the original symbol picture.

The huge achievement was a harbinger before the weekend With the worldwide total on 20th Century Studios / Disney sequels now $2.024 billion until sunday. It includes 1.426 billion dollars From the revolving doors outside. This means that outside, water method It became the #4 title of all time, jumping past Avengers: Infinity War And only behind Avatar, Avengers: Endgame And Titanic. This gives Cameron the bragging rights to three of the four best films ever made International box office.

on a global basis, water method It remains the #6 film of all time, with the Na’vi film next up to jump Infinity War And Star Wars: The Force Awakens. When it happens later this week, the epic sci-fi adventure will become the fourth film of all time worldwide – and give Cameron three of the top four.

also globally, Avatar: Water Road It grossed $227 million from IMAX, surpassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens to become 2Abbreviation II highest-grossing film in the history of the format.

Its sixth weekend overall saw a 38% drop in Overseas, which led to a further decline $56.3 million. As many titles open for the Lunar New Year (see below), Avatar 2 It dropped 56% in China, however it grossed $229.7 million there and stands as the studio’s highest-grossing pandemic-era film on the market, having also surpassed the first film’s original release. symbol picture.

The top 10 overseas markets so far are: China ($229.7 million), France ($129.8 million), Germany ($117 million), Korea ($96.9 million) United kingdom ($81.9 million), India ($57.9 million), Australia ($55.1 million), Mexico ($51.4 million), Spain ($47 million) and Italy ($45.3 million).

internationally Wonderful It remains the No. 1 non-domestic film except for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Central America, and Vietnam. Regionally overseas, Europe has brought in an estimated $667 million to date (72% 3D/Premium formats), Asia Pacific has brought in an estimated $598 million (75% 3D/PLFs) and Latin America has brought in an estimated 161 million to date (54% 3D/PLFs).

The film is now the highest grossing film of all time in Austria, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lebanon, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Colombia. In terms of studio films, it is the biggest ever in India, Serbia, Turkey and Armenia.

While Avatar 2 He enjoyed a solid (and now extended) tour at the ChinaThis weekend, the focus there was the start of the Lunar New Year festival period. The science fiction sequel to Frant Gwo Wandering Earth II Starring Wu Jing and Andy Lau, it was the highest grosser with 472.4 million CNY ($69.7 million) as of Sunday, per Maoyan. Zhang Yimou’s suspense comedy followed full red river at 402.4 million yuan ($59.4 million) and the historical drama Hidden Blade starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai at 136.5 million yuan ($20.1 million). Each film has high social scores of 9.4, 9.6 and 9.1 respectively according to Maoyan.

Anecdotally, we hear that this New Year period is the most anticipated by the domestic industry in the past decade. And unlike in previous years, there were no midnight shows for the new titles, while all deals were valid as of 9 am local time today. Pre-sales are estimated to be lower than a year ago since local films started marketing campaigns later than usual, while we also hear that audiences and theater managers caught up to the length of titles during a holiday focused on family reunions – which is interesting given the films The first three were actually shown much shorter than Avatar 2.

IMAX is in-depth on the three CNY films mentioned above as well as animated fiction deep sea. The four titles grossed $7.2 million across the Chinese IMAX network in the second-biggest New Year’s opening day of all time. Wandering Earth II He led play at $5.7 million, double its predecessor in 2019.

In other encouraging studio news, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s Puss in Shoes: Last Wish Close to $300 million worldwide. It saw a slight decrease of 19% internationally in that setting $17.8 million in 78 foreign consumption markets $171 million The global total is $297.5 million. International performance (outside of China, where the film is also extended), 39% higher singing 2 at the same point.

puss It scores significantly in Latin America. in Mexico get over it Avatar 2 This session for the first place has reached 16.6 million dollars, exceeding the age of both sing Movies. in Brazilarrogant was more acceptable than water method He raised $9.6 million. in GermanyAnd puss 2 Omar has topped singing 2 With $12.5 million to date. lead market France At $18.3 million, it is followed by Mexico, Germany, Australia ($10.9 million), and Brazil. UK and Japan have not opened yet.

Damien Chazelle Babylon It was fresh out this weekend in 53 markets $13.2 million. The expanded/expensive offering was almost naturally topping FranceShe is a fan of the director as she landed in second place with $3.4 million. the United kingdom It was weak at $1.8 million, followed by Australia in a million dollars. Korea and Japan bow in February.

Universal / Bloom House M3GAN It fell 43% in 66 overseas markets this weekend, adding $10.9 million to $51.3 million international cume to date and $124.6 million worldwide. AI doll to match smilingAnd above Invisible ManAnd black phone And The end of Halloween At the same point in the same markets.

Brazilwhich tends to the scary stuff, was a highlight with Thursday’s arc getting #2Abbreviation II The biggest opening day for a pandemic horror movie, like never before Conjuring 3and the biggest non-sequel horror opening day since then Happy death day in 2017. As of Saturday it is ranked #1 Avatar 2 In acceptance, and to give the strongest performance in popular and mixed theatres. The full frame was good for $1.4 million to make it the best non-sequel horror launch since He. She in 2017. The performance in the first three days of the film was almost double Black phone On the same point – a great result given that Black phone It opened during the holidays and is currently the biggest Blumhouse movie in Brazil.

The top 5 markets so far are Mexico ($7.7M), UK ($5.7M), France ($3.5M), Spain ($2.9M) and Australia ($2.86M).


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