The Witcher needs to get as weird as the books

While no book can be completely faithfully adapted (and in most cases, the visual medium requires changes), Netflix the magician It can be said that he spent more time creating new material than translating, honestly Andrei Sapkovsky A series of eight books. The success of these modifications is debatable on a case-by-case basis: Yennefer’s (Anya Chalotra) The expanded backstory, for example, provides insight into the beloved witch’s motives, while fans were completely dissatisfied with the story. The fate of Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz) in the second season. On the other hand, he exhibited Lauren Schmidt Hisrich Description of the upcoming third season As a “one-to-one” approximation of the second novel in the series, contempt time: “There’s so much to do that we’ve been able to stick to the books really closely.”

Hissrich’s words are encouraging as well as a smart creative move. The most authentic interpretation has the power to calm concerned and frustrated members the The Witcher fan base, especially given Henry Cavill precipitate departure. Everything is definitely not doomed Liam Hemsworth As the new angry leading man in the continentbut continuing to closely follow the source material is the perfect opportunity to bring in what the show needs most: to become as weird, wild, and bizarre as the books.

The Witcher inserts the Arthurian legend into later books

Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher
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the magician It was an intricate mixture of folklore and high fantasy of the jump, whether one’s introduction to the world through Sapkowski’s first novel Elves’ blood or CD Projekt Red video games. In the last two books, Swallow Tower And Lady of the LakeSapkowski heavily incorporates elements from Slavic mythology and the Arthurian legend into the main narrative. The latter is certainly a surprise, especially now that Sapkowski has established a tone more steadfast and gritty than that usually associated with Witch King Arthur. Lesser, but still laughably bizarre highlights include Yennefer trapped inside a jade figurine and the introduction of fan-favorite Regis, a talkative vampire by accident and barber-surgeon by trade whose conversation often wins over the non-verbal grunts of Geralt. .

Does this make sense? not always. But the unabashed weirdness that Sapkowski brings to his work, whether as slightly silly or as visceral as he intended, is essential. The Witcher broad appeal. Netflix shouldn’t be ashamed of this atmosphere with more plot twists that lack a lot of unique personality. Few fans wouldn’t be happy to see images of Avalon, Camelot, and the Tower of Swallows right on screen, especially for all those locations that mean the characters’ journeys. The inclusion of legendary twists and turns may also benefit audience numbers, making the series very relevant for viewers who haven’t read the books.

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What happens to Ciri in The Witcher? it’s complicated

Freya Allan as Ciri in The Witcher
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Sapkowski began to stir the unexpected in contempt time. Siri (Freya Allen) witnesses a prophetic vision of herself as an omnipotent sorceress bringing about the end of the world, and renounces magic to avoid fulfilling this supposed destiny. However, during her time on the run with a group of bandits, Ciri discovers a dark and intense love for murder (Book Four, baptism of fire). Despite the morals taught during her witch apprenticeship at Caer Morhen, the young girl kills many of her enemies, some even in the gladiatorial arena, and strikes terror into the hearts of the villagers; They call her death by incarnation (Swallow Tower). Regardless, Ciri sets out to reclaim her birthright on Cintran from Nilfgaardian Emperor Emhyr var Emreis (Bart Edwards), who announces his engagement to a girl who disguises herself as the newly rescued Princess Cirilla.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited war rages on between Nilfgaard and the northern kingdoms. Geralt inadvertently collects a group of misfits while searching for Ciri. The assembly includes the aforementioned Regis, an extremely powerful vampire who refuses to drink blood and boasts extensive medical knowledge. Meanwhile, Yennefer escapes from the newly formed Lodge of Sorceresses after spending nearly fifty days trapped in a jade statue. She has endured her own vision of a cataclysmic end of the world, called Ragin Nar Rog (the Norse mythological event Ragnarök), and is desperately searching for her adopted daughter.

Avallac'h holding his cards and looking intently at something off camera in The Witcher: Blood Origin
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Ciri manages to escape her captors by skating across a small frozen lake. With fresh blood in her hand, she slides into the legendary Swallow Tower, which houses portals of different dimensions and timelines. during the closing narration Lady of the Lakethe first alternate world Ciri occurs on is overseen by elves and surrounded by frequent unicorn attacks. He is of the dwarf Avallac’h (Samuel Blinken) Ciri finally learns why so many have searched for her: she was genetically engineered to give birth to a child destined to prevent the end of the world. This son would also be the most powerful mage in existence.

As such, the elves who have been enchanted by Ciri are forbidden to leave unless she has a child with their king, Oberon. Tired of years of fear, cruelty, and degradation on all sides, Ciri agrees. She just wants to go home. Fortunately, King Oberon decides not to sleep with the teenage girl and Ciri later learns from the unicorn Ihuarraquax (whom she once saved from death) that this world originally belonged to humans. Avallac’h f Eren, Commander of the Wild HuntThey slaughtered everyone and intended to use them Ciri’s powers lie in the elder’s blood To do the same across space and time. The Wild Hunt is an ancient European legend where ghoul ghosts kidnap people or directly kill them, and this will be an endless chase of death and destruction.

The Witcher has a bittersweet ending

Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) on horseback in 'The Witcher'
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Siri escapes and travels again The multiverse of madness– similar to trying to get back at her parents. The narrative makes its first unexpected turn in the Arthurian legend when she meets Nemo, the titular Lady of the Lake. Eventually, she reunites with Yennefer and Geralt, and after more battles and the brutal extermination of Geralt’s entire group (including Regis), the found family confronts Emperor Emhyr. He reveals his true identity as Ciri’s father, something the Netflix series revealed in season two. Like many others, he intends to impregnate his daughter in order to prevent the end of the world. Only Ciri’s devastation did not stop him from killing Geralt and Yennefer; The girl cries so hard that Emhyr allows the three to be left unharmed.

However, some tragedies are inevitable the magicians Globalism. The town of Rivia broke out in riots, in which Geralt was mortally wounded. Yennefer spends a lot of healing magic. Ciri, at a desperate loss, is aided by the sudden appearance of Ihuarraquax, who channels his power through Ciri to heal the couple. The three take a boat out into the fog and the unknown future.

Lady of the Lake A framing device Ciri tells this story hundreds of years after hearing Sir Galahad, the Knight of the Round Table. Although Geralt and Yennefer appear to be alive on the island of Avalon, Ciri weeps about the happy ending she “could” give them. Galahad invites her to Camelot and Ciri agrees; Together, the two travel towards Arthur’s kingdom.

Let things be weird!

Henry Cavill as Geralt and Joy Batty as Gasquier in The Witcher
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the novel It is rambunctious, engaging, heartbreaking, and poignant even through bizarre twists and turns. Sapkowski weaves together endless character arcs, conflicts, and political schemes into a satisfying, bittersweet ending. For a violent, unforgiving series, it’s also full of heart. The loss of nearly every minor character is unsettling, as is Ciri’s separation from the only people who loved her as a human rather than lusted after her as a vessel. All three lengths to protect each other make them a legend-worthy trio. Perhaps fate decided their relationship, but their love was real. Indeed, Ciri effectively replaces Geralt in the role of hero and defies the fate that has left her haunted. No longer haunted or abused, she launches into a world full of possibilities.

Sapkowski’s fusion of Arthurian mythology and Slavic folklore might have been unexpected, not to mention Ciri’s genetic manipulation and egregious incestuous father. But the magician He doesn’t lose a punch because of his weirdness; Indeed, his absurd ingenuity is refreshing. What other fantasy series aims to achieve an emotional high while retaining tender feelings? yes, game of thrones established a tonal style expected for the genre, but the Netflix version should dare to be different. Hissirch already knows how her novel will end; Let’s follow the narratives, embrace the weirdness, and let this stuff run wild.

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