‘This is terrifying’ – Internet rages as US Customs vandalizes $10,000 in Pokémon memorabilia

Video games abound More than just a way to pass the time or a meager hobby. In modern times, interactive media has become a part of everyday life and even a way to make a living. It is a much needed sanctuary. Games like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon were catalysts for the beginning of gaming culture in the 1980s and 1990s.

between these, Pokemon It is one of the largest IP addresses ever. The game is about collecting cute and fierce monsters at the same time and fighting for glory, and it has taken over the world. The very first Pokémon game released in 1996 spawned a slew of mods and paved the way for a legendary franchise that is still going strong.

Anime is one of the most important mediums in the Pokemon franchise other than games. Since the release of the first Pokémon, the anime series based on the games has continued alongside the main series titles. But there was a time when games followed the anime and paid tribute in the form of yellow Pokemon.


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A fan crashes as customs destroy a high-value copy of Pokemon Yellow

yellow version, released in 1998, follows the story of the first season of the anime adaptation. Being a dark horse in the franchise, the title holds a high value in the Pokemon collector market. According to CBR, a copy of this game, in good condition, in sealed hardcover, which is labeled, might be worth somewhere around $10,000.

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3 days ago

The acquisition of such a copy would be a fortune and a loss would be equally devastating. Unfortunately, the latter has become a reality for a certain fan. On Twitter, user Stephen Cake He shared that his friend had to experience it due to the negligence of the customs officers. read the tweet, “My friend received this original, sealed, scaled version of Pokemon Yellow…

US Customs:
I broke the acrylic tray
The seal was torn off and discarded
Cut out the front of the box. “

How did the masses react?

This outrageous behavior by the officials has angered the masses on social media. Some even suggested filing a lawsuit against customs.

Many began to speculate about what might happen. user said, “So…they either hated the battery inside the cartridge…or they thought it had drugs in it or something?” Responding to this was just as much fun. “Maybe they thought Pikachu was trapped inside?” The Twitter thread was filled with fans expressing their dismay at the situation.


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