Top 3 Three Man Weave bets for Monday (January 16th)

We have a full day of hoops on Mondays, including Purdue vs. Michigan State in the afternoon.

But the focus of this piece comes in the middle layer of the earth, like Jim Root Three Man Weave has a top three bet on the college basketball schedule Monday night.

So, tune in now for the best college basketball odds and picks for Monday.

Best bets on Three Man Weave College basketball on Monday

The team logos in the table below represent each of the matches Jim is targeting from Monday’s matchday roster. Click on the team logos for a match below to go to a specific bet discussed in this article.

Delaware vs. Northeast

by Jim Root

all things being equal, Delaware Catching three points in Northeast It would be a crazy streak. The Blue Hens are a contender in the conference, while Northeastern is on an intense path to the bottom of the league.

The only Colonial Athletic Huskies team to date beat Hampton and North Carolina A&T, two newcomers from the Big South who have struggled through this transition.

We should note, however, the elephant in the room: Delaware starting quarterback Jameer Nelson Jr. (yes, the son of that James Nelson) has missed three straight games with a knee injury.

So, what makes a Blue Hen worth supporting if her astral guard may not be wearing it?

Well, part of that is fading in from the Northeast.

The Huskies have been insanely inconsistent this year, relying on young guards and wide inconsistent formations. They lead the nation in bench minutes, according to KenPom, as coach Bill Quinn has tried every combination imaginable. 10 players have started four or more matches.

Delaware was more stable, even without Nelson. And in fact, it was the competition without him, beating preseason favorite Towson and playing nationally ranked Charleston for 35 minutes before running out of gas.

This team is still well trained and has a lot of offensive options.

Finally, Nelson. He suffers day in and day out with his sore knee, so we can get a surprise appearance from the prolific base.

But even without him, the Blue Hens have the best player on the ground in second forward Jyare Davis. Even if this one gets to the end of the game late in the game, he can grab the bucket more easily than any of Northeastern’s depth options.

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Florida Atlantic vs Western Kentucky

by Jim Root

Don’t look now, however Florida Atlantic He positioned himself securely on the overall map. The Owls are sitting 16-1 overall with an important win in Florida (one that is starting to age nicely) and several major league wins.

Tests continue in what may be the strongest conference USA has seen since before the realignment.

Definitely, Western KentuckyThe league’s 3-3 record may not jump off the page, but these hillside players have a lot of talent and tend to play well as an underdog.

However, not all talent may be present and calculated. Jumbo winger Emmanuel Akot missed Saturday’s game with a head injury. He put it in the air, and if he sat down again, it would be an absolute blessing.

He is a physical and convertible defender, and his absence forces WKU to play a smaller, faster lineup. According to Hoop-Explorer, the Hilltoppers defense is 10 points worse per 100 possessions when Akot is on the bench.

In particular, I would still love this bet even if it was a decent fit.

FAU has been something of an “accelerator” this season. By that I mean that the Owls are willing to play at their opponent’s pace. Against Bryant, they played an 84-possession game. Against rival FIU, 75 possessions. And against a creeping North Texas team, they just played an anemic 55-take game.

WKU is causing more tempo – especially offensive – and the Owls are comfortable with that idea.

Last year’s encounters between these two rivals saw 69 and 70 possessions, respectively. Although this is not a track meet, landing some possessions above KenPom’s forecast of 67 would be valuable.

Considering the offensive prowess both teams possess, that should be a lot to top this total.

Montana vs. Eastern Washington

by Jim Root

My best bet is taking us west to Cheney, Washington, where Montana Hopes to bring down the leading Big Sky Eastern Washington.

The Grizzlies got off to a disappointing 3-3 start in league play, while the Eagles went undefeated 5-0. However, as the line indicates, they are roughly equal on a neutral court.

Both teams are built similarly. They veer toward the offensive end, where their high skill level and varied offensive weapons make them difficult to guard. Both teams have killer perimeter shooters, but they prefer getting easy inside baskets with accurate offensive execution.

Eastern Washington actually won the first meeting on December 29, outscoring the Grays 87-80 in Missoula. Coach Travis DeCoire and the Grizzlies should better isolate the paint after receiving 61.8% shooting inside the arc and allowing EWU to grab 13 offensive rebounds.

The idea of ​​”revenge” may not interest some disability professionals, but I buy it from the “need to make more pointed adjustments” lens.

Expect DeCuire – the Big Sky’s longest serving coach – to have some smart tweaks in his defensive game plan.

Possibly the biggest piece of the puzzle is Mac Anderson, a muscular fifth-year forward for the Grizzlies. He missed only eight minutes in the first meeting, which is a huge hindrance to the competition indoors.

Anderson is Montana’s best edge guard and defensive tackle. If he can stay on the floor for 15-20 minutes instead of eight, it will be a boon to Montana’s chances of winning.

These teams are similar in both ability and overall structure, forcing me to take the points with the eager road dog in the rematch.

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