UConn vs. No. 12 NC State NCAA Football Analysis and Breakdown

The UConn football team excelled in their second straight game against the first 25 Power Five opponent, as the NC State defeated the Husky 41-10 Saturday night in Raleigh, NC

The Loss of closing to No. 4 Michigan A week ago, UConn was left without their best offensive weapon, as leading linebacker Nathan Carter suffered a Class II separated shoulder.

Without Carter, the devastating attack struggled for just 160 yards of total attack, 39 in the air and 121 on the ground. Meanwhile, North Carolina State collected 492 yards of offense primarily from quarterback Devin Leary’s 320 yards.

“A disappointing loss, it’s been a tough three weeks for these players, for this team,” Ocon coach Jim Mora said after the match. “But I’ve always been a glass half full, and I think the lessons we’ve learned and the hardships we’ve faced will only prepare us for the next seven.”

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