Uncle Pfister rides the mystery Sidecar Rig on the new Addams family show

Back in 1938, cartoonist Charles Adams published a one-panel comic book in New Yorker A peddler appears trying to sell a vacuum cleaner to a powerful Gothic couple in their hallway decorated with cobwebs and bats. This simple gag gave birth to the Addams family and produced dozens of films, television series, animations, and video games over the next 84 years.


The first Addams Family comedy was published in New Yorker.

The latest entry in the Addams Family canon is Wednesday, a new series developed by Netflix. Scheduled for release on November 23, 2022, it focuses on the adventures of Wednesday Adams, the eldest child of the family, at a Gothic boarding school called Nevermore Academy. In August, Netflix dropped first trailer In the new show, we take a look at Gomez, Morticia, and Wed — played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, and Gina Ortega, respectively. On October 8, 2022, Netflix dropped a second trailer that was expanded based on the information dropped in the first trailer and introduced us to Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester. He. She also, And here’s the part that matters, introducing us to the lovely Uncle Pfister ride – a weird-looking side hustle of unspecified make and style.

Netflix Wednesday Feature Photo
wednesday leaves

now I’m the love The Adams family and I love it in all its forms. Well, no, I’ll take it back. The two animated films released in 2019 and 2021 are shockingAnd not in a good way. Everything else, though? Grammar. Anyway, I love the dark, gothic stuff, so when I heard that Netflix was releasing a new horror comedy show centered on Wednesdays with a killer row (do you get it?) cork. I absorbed all the info about this show as best I could, so I was ready for the new trailer when I dropped in. what am I has not been It was ready for side Fester, which looks like Ural but Absolutely not. So, since I’m Sidecar’s chief correspondent here and needed to know exactly what Uncle Pfister was riding, I turned to America’s leading media research organization, Twitter Dot Com, to do some sleuthing.


First, let’s set the baseline here – Uncle Fester is Not Ural ride. The side car is wrong, the front end is wrong, the wheels are wrong, and the tank shape is wrong. He doesn’t ride any of its Ural cousins ​​- the Dnieper and Chiang Zhang – either. While that tells us what it isn’t, it doesn’t tell us what it is, you know? The weird Dalmatian-themed paint job wasn’t helpful either, because it acted like dazzling camouflage and hid the bike’s stripes and sidearm.

It’s obviously an air-cooled and carbureted Boxer engine as we can see in the first screenshot, but what or what Air cooled, carburetor boxer engine? Since I didn’t recognize the rocker covers and had already concluded they weren’t Ural, I thought it was a BMW of some kind. I presented the facts as I understood them on Twitterati and this is what we came up with.


Air-cooled and carbureted head – but which one?

Jalopnik team writer Kyle Hyatt agreed with my initial guess that it was a BMW. Matthew Skwarzyk, Research Editor at car and driversuggested it could be either the R60/7, R75/7 or R100/7. We argued back and forth until the BMW R100 Haver and cool guy James King were noticed.

“This is a kind of post-1977 Joey head with wheels molded into a snowflake shape,” King said. “It could be the R100/7 but it doesn’t have a wacky plastic gauge assembly pod like the 7/7. could Be the R100S without the Gift S. Apparently, some came that way.”


The wide shot that helped us get to know this mysterious digger.

Well, it’s very likely that the bike was a late ’70s or ’80s BMW aerodynamic head-up with snowflake wheels. This narrows it down a bit, but what’s up with that sideshow? It’s clearly not a Ural sidecar or anything else that made me recognize him. We initially speculated that it might be a one-time hack created in the studio and temporarily settled on it until Skwarczek broke the case wide open with a last-minute discovery.

He said, “Wait.” “I may have recognized the sidecar! It looks a lot to me like a mildly modified, specially painted version of some of the sidecars shown on IZh bikes.”

The photo he posted to support his statement, a screenshot from a Russian TV show Lysnick. savoya zamlia He crossed out the Internet Movie Cars database, and apparently sealed the deal. Specifically, it looks like a sidecar commonly used on the IZh Yupiter with some accessories from other Russian sidecars (fender-mounted headlight and headlight-mounted headlight).

Yupiter Sidecar Screen Cover

Obviously, this is the same sidecar.

Well, it’s (probably) the head of an ’80s-era BMW with an IZh Yupiter sidecar… Or is he? Guessing is great and all, but what we want are hard facts. Personally, I won’t rest until I know exactly What is this bike? Therefore, to this end, I have sent an alert message to Alexandro Titus Ipati, Wednesday The car coordinator to ask him about it. Sadly, it seems he hasn’t used Twitter since the end of 2021 and I haven’t received any response from him. I hope I do, and we can clear this puzzle out.

what do you think? What is this BMW anyway? If you have any good guesses, let us know in the comments.

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