UVA Football prepares for wet conditions against Duke, a couple of players returning from injury, basketball tip times released

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Virginia DB Queen King takes off against Duke, while two rookies prepare for a comeback – Wahos 247

Safety Coen King is dealing with an MCL sprain which Elliott said should keep him out for two weeks but then he’ll have to wait and see the situation. But, on a positive note, Hoos’ has got WR Billy Kemp IV back into the lineup and S Antonio Clary is back as well as the pair missing ODU and Syracuse matches due to illness/injury.

Virginia Football Club issues depth chart ahead of Duke – A line on the grass

On that note, UVA released its depth chart for Duke this weekend. For quick notes, Jestus Johnson replaced Ty Furnish in the center, Will Bettridge took the kick-in-place duties from Brendan Farrell, and Nick Jackson’s first-half suspension for Syracuse’s penalty kick meant D’Sean Perry would start in the MIKE linebacker with Hunter Stewart and James Jackson as two other people could fill in there.

Hoos Bracing for Wet Night in Durham Virginia Sports

As Hurricane Ian hits the East Coast, Saturday night’s contest in Durham is set to be humid with a high probability of rain. With that said, Hoos is making proper preparations and training on wet balls this week in order to simulate the conditions they might have to deal with against the Blue Devils.

“Everyone says it’s football weather,” Brennan Armstrong said on Tuesday, but “it’s not the best, I’ll tell you, especially when the quarterback tries to throw the ball. But we’re doing a few things here.” [wet] Footballs, just kind of repeat it, how could that be.

“The main thing is just to secure that ball, all the long games, this next week, because that’s honestly going to be the story of who’s going to win: who can secure the ball, because there’s probably going to be a mess there, so we just have to make sure we do that.”

Tipoff Times Announced for the 2022-2023 Virginia Men’s Basketball Season – Cavaliers now

Turning to basketball, all but four of UVA’s men’s basketball games have been tipped this season. It’s worth noting that the first two games of the season begin at 9:00 PM while UVA Michigan’s BIG10 Challenge game starts at 9:30. Unlike those late starts, there should be seven home games on Saturday with daily tips – including Saturday 11 February against Duke at 4:00 pm – which should be great opportunities to pack up JPJ.

Diving on social media

It’s strange to think how UVA has the same record this year as it did this time last year. There are some positives to consider for this team through four games. Take it with caution until the Hoos win matches against real competition, but at least this team isn’t a complete disaster.

Back in basketball, the men’s team released this quick video of the first day of training on Monday with assistant head coach Jason Williford on the mic.

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Treated myself to 3 more slices, last night’s Christians Pizza dinner which was a nice treat to end the day. Not a ton to report otherwise. As I mentioned yesterday, fall break is coming up this weekend, and since I don’t have lessons on Fridays, I’m preparing the last two days of class so I have a very small five days off.

Figure I may begin to ask a couple of questions to my esteemed audience on days like these. So, for anyone who has spent time in or around Charlottesville, answer me this: What restaurant/food establishment do you go to for dinner if you only have one night on the town? Let me know in the comments below!

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