Verizon deal: Get a free iPad and Apple Watch with an upgrade to iPhone 5G

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The clock is ticking on what might be the best deal yet for the new year: You get a free iPad, a free Apple Watch Series 7, and $50 off wireless noise-canceling Beats Studio Buds when you upgrade to an iPhone 5G (iPhone SE, iPhone 12, or later). ) and sign up for a Verizon 5G phone plan, tablet plan, and watch plan.

During the holiday season, Verizon had a different kind of deal with the Apple Watch SE and Beats Fit Pro. You can get a free iPad (9th generation) and Apple Watch SE if you open lines for each, plus a free pair of Beats Fit Pro with the purchase of an iPhone 5G with a new line or upgrade.

That deal has changed in the new year but it still holds its luster. Now, with the purchase of a 5G iPhone and a 5G plan, you can get… iPad (9th generation) 64 GB and Apple Watch Series 7 Free (with a combined value of $910), plus Beats Studio Buds For $50. Depending on which iPhone you choose, you can get additional savings: Save up to $1,000 when you trade in an old or damaged phone, plus get an additional $200 off if you buy iPhone 14 Pro Online. If you go with iPhone 12 And buy it online, you can save 600 dollars.

The advantage to the free iPad (9th generation) and Apple Watch Series 7 is that you must have a cellular plan for them, too. I spoke to Verizon on the phone and the customer service representative mentioned that the best value plan would be about $100 a month for a phone, smartwatch, and tablet with unlimited calls, texts, and data. That’s a huge monthly phone bill for one person! But you can pick and choose the accessories you want. If you want an Apple Watch, but don’t see a need for an iPad, there’s no need to add an iPad. This way you can reduce your monthly bill and benefit from great savings.

So how do you sign up for this Verizon deal?

The first step is to go to 5G Apple smartphones through Verizon and choose the phone you like the most (knowing that the iPhone 13 miniAnd iPhone 12And iPhone 12 miniAnd iPhone SE It is currently offered for free with the appropriate phone plan).

Once you’re on the phone page you prefer, go to:

  1. the Preservation methods to divide
  2. Choose Add a new line or Upgrade existing line
  3. Then add Get a free Apple Watch Series 7 with a new line and buy an Apple iPhone 5G Wow Get your Apple iPad (9th generation) with us by purchasing a new line and 5G Apple iPhone.
  4. You can choose which devices to add based on how much you want your monthly bill to be. Make sure to check the exact details of each offer.

The way it looks on the website, Verizon charges the required accessories that come with a 5G phone for you paying for a plan each month and paying for the phone you choose. The catch is that the plan includes not only the phone, but the tablet and smartwatch as well. This deal expires on Tuesday.

If you’re a Samsung or Google Pixel phone user, there are similar deals for both of these brands. You buy a 5G smartphone and a Verizon plan, and you get your own discounted tablet, smartwatch, and earphones.

The Samsung 5G phone currently offered for free is Samsung Galaxy A53 5G UW, which retails for $499. the choice Another Samsung 5G phone Means pay for it and plan in order to get the free accessories.

similarly, Google Pixel 6a Now free instead of its usual price of $499.

If you choose a Google or Samsung phone, you will have the following options to get free gifts:

  • Google phones are offering a free Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G with a new line and any qualifying Google Pixel watch. Save 50% on Pixel Buds A-Series.
  • Samsung phones are offering the same tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G, for free in a new line, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Save 50% on Galaxy Buds2.

You follow the same procedure as with the Apple option: just go to the smartphone page and add the offers you want under it Ways to save. “

A 5G plan goes hand-in-hand with a new smartphone: Customers who have been looking at their old smartphone and considering upgrading to 5G know they have to pay for a corresponding plan and the phone. This offer sweetens the deal by giving you the option to upgrade to a free cellular tablet and/or smartphone and save on earbuds, too.

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