Vilanova Basketball 2022-23 Player preview: Angelo Brizi

Angelo Prezi

hometown: Warrenton, Virginia.
High school: Highland High School
to rise: 6-3
Weight: 190

Player review Angelo Brizzi:

As hype train driver Angelo Brizzi, I was planning to spend some time talking about how excited Villanova fans are for the 6-foot-3 blistering shooting race of Warrenton, Virginia. However, recent developments in Hoops Mania and the Blue and White brawl may have hit me hard.

In the spring of 2020, I came across the little year of Angelo Brizzi High school highlights And it couldn’t be more clear how ideally he could translate into a great goalkeeper for Vilanova. Confident shooter with unlimited range, speed blown by defenders and edge-finishing, great vision, and… pulling offensive charges? Yes, there are multiple cartoons he drew in his high school highlight tape which has to talk about the kinds of plays he’s proud of.

As we fast-forward to the 2022-2023 season, there are only a handful of data crumbs to use for season predictions. Let’s dive into what we can:

Angelo Brizzi was an uninjured red player in the final round of Final Four. Despite not seeing it on court, Brize had his first “training” in college basketball last season against Colin Gillespie – recipient of the Bob Causey award for best goalkeeper in the country. On top of training every day with the likes of Gillespie, Justin Moore, Caleb Daniels and Chris Arsidicono, he has learned from a plethora of experienced Vilanova goalkeepers.

Brizzi is also at the center of Villanova’s unique Venn basketball scheme.

  1. The year of non-injury savings has paid off big in the past with the likes of Michael Bridges and Eric Dixon.
  2. There has been a recent trend of Villanova point guards passing the torch after a one-year mentorship. Ryan Arsidicono -> Galen Bronson -> Colin Gillespie. Is Angelo Brizzi next?

It would be unfair to expect a production at the level of anyone listed above before he plays a minute in Villanova’s basketball, but Breeze is definitely in good company.

As we look at the initial results of the “training,” they have been very promising.

First – Prezi prepared his body for the college game. And the official list wrote that its price is 190 pounds this season, compared to 180 pounds last year. Coach Shaq strikes again.

Hoops Mania gave a true first taste of Breeze’s play. We’ve seen plenty of features that flooded past highlights – a quick, smooth release that triggers a pair of three pointers, making smart decisions while driving to the edge, forcing a turn on the defense, and drawing a charge on Njoku.

The Blue & White brawl showed that the glimpse at Hoops Mania was not a fluke, as Brizzi was one of the most prominent players defending the Big East Champions. Bucket highlighted his skill acquisition in all aspects – jumping from deep, mid-range jump shots and attacking the hoop. We’ve also seen his ability to drive and kick into an open man and deliver long-range passes while pushing the tempo (which he did quite a lot in high school). Finally, he was defensively active. Prezi forced staff volatility and kept himself in some of the office’s operations. He led his team in scoring in two of the three fights. The stellar play didn’t go unnoticed as VUHoops’ Tommy Godin named him Best melee player.

While Brizzi has looked sharp at pre-season glimpses, there is little clarity on how the spin is shaped. Positions are a smooth exercise, but Prezi is currently battling freshman electrician Mark Armstrong and seasoned program player with Chris Arsidicono for time in the points guard position. The guard room continues with Caleb Daniels, Jordan Longino, and Brendan Hausen, and we haven’t mentioned Justin Moore yet. Lots of tough decisions for Neptune and staff…

Nova Nation should expect Brizzi to be a big part of the rotation due to its great pre-season performances. Between the injuries of Justin Moore and Cam Whitmore, he opened in the points guard position, along with Kyle Neptune’s comments about a deeper spin – there will be plenty of minutes left. Prezi’s shot, his vision, his speed will get him on the court, and hopefully, learning from “training” will keep him there.

*** Omari Spellman was not included in the Venn chart because the Redshirt year wasn’t intended and due to an NCAA plot to prevent Villanova from making her first three peats since UCLA in the 1970s but that’s neither the time nor the place for that conversation.

Best scenario: Play without conference kicks off in a panel sentinel plan, with Prezi leading the attack. Angelou starts 10-15 games before dropping out on a revenge run for Justin Moore. As the calendar turns to team play, the confident Brizzi becomes one of several instant-impact subs on the deeep Villanova seat producing plenty of meaningful minutes into late March and early April.

This scenario unfortunately comes with the inevitable comment from every analyst and Twitter user saying, “I thought Gillespie’s baby might have graduated?” or “Does Villanova make these babies in the lab?” But, hello, I will gladly meet these “jokes” every day and twice on a given Sunday.

Worst case scenario: Vilanova’s depth chart proves to be both a blessing and a curse, with Breeze scooping minutes between the crowded group of guards through non-team play. Healthy Justin Moore and Cam Whitmore push Brize down the depth chart as the Big East match kicks off, cutting into his minutes. Then Neptune adopts a tight spinning approach to its router as play continues after the season while letting Prezi clean up minutes for major problems and trash time.

Bonus content:

Finishing 2second abbreviation In the Hoops Mania Dunk competition, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, it was This bounce For some time.


How many points will Prezi average per game this season?

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