Visitors listen to tales of the Wynnewood family in the Victorian era

Murder, medicine and mourning is the subject of sale. Crowds gather for the second annual tour to hear family stories and walk the grounds at the Wynnewood State Historic Site in Castilian Springs on October 8.

Similar to last year, the event sold out very quickly, leaving the staff of Historic Castalian Springs to discuss the option of hosting additional tour dates next year, even outside the dreaded season.

It’s a welcome addition for those who haven’t been able to secure tickets for the last two years, said Tonya Staggs, CEO of Castalian Springs.

Wynwood State Historic Site

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For those lucky enough to get a ticket, the staff hopes that visitors will be able to gain an understanding of families like the Wynnes who suffered death over a century ago.

“One of the things we’re really trying to bring home is that while these things seem weird and weird to us, maybe that’s how people have dealt with their grief and how people have dealt with mourning the loss of loved ones,” Castalian Springs CEO Tonya said. Stags.

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