West Bromwich Albion’s loss at Burnley shows just how out of the top they are – they must learn from it

After winning a smash challenge in the first half, Jason Mullumby He lifted himself off the ground, dusted himself off, and signaled to his teammates to keep moving forward. He was determined to help his side on their way to a potentially season-clinching away victory burnleyUnbridled tournament leaders.

Moments after the elaborate corner kicks routine almost led to a goal being scored, Darnell Furlong put West Bromwich Albion Leading in the seventh minute in front of a sold out crowd. While Luton Town Showing a hole in a shield who had not conceded a goal in open play since October last Saturday, he scored twice in the space of ten minutes, as Albion took the lead, tipping to win. In Carlos Corbran’s nine league wins as coach, there have been seven clean sheets. Concession problems faded away cheaply, as fans were accustomed to under the previous manager, under the new system.

Before the match, Burnley manager Vincent Kompany said he saw Albion as the favourites. Regardless of whether it was the pressure-raising tactic adopted by his former coach Pep Guardiola, Kompany publicly referred to this match as a chance to “get revenge” on one of the very few teams who have beaten his side this season.

Despite being held to a 1-1 draw in late September, Albion dominated Burnley at The Hawthorns in one of the most extensive displays of the Steve Bruce era. His 23 shots, eight of which were on target, 446 passes and 53 percent possession against the Division II Tiki-Taka Kings was a successful attempt at out-scoring Kompany’s side in their game. On Friday, Albion scored and then forced their way into half-time, preventing Burnley from creating a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

However, the second half showed that there was still a lot to be done for a team that had been bottom of the league until November when it came to matching the leaders.

“(In the second half) I don’t think we played as well as we could have with the ball,” Good Wallace He said after the 2-1 defeat. “We got a five or ten per cent discount on possession, you can’t play against a team like that. We conceded the first game with Hasan (Yuksulu) off the field, and we lost a second ball in the area where he usually is.

“It’s human nature. When you play against the top of the league, they’ll drop five yards, maybe we’ll drop a few yards too much. We weren’t aggressive enough at times, but just as much, when we pushed them, they played around brilliantly. There’s a reason they’re so far off center. 3. We’re a very good team, in my opinion, but they’re probably three or four months ahead of what we want to be.”

If their 23 shooting, 446 passing and 53 percent possession on their recent meeting with Burnley was a good performance, then their eight shooting, 280 passing and 30 percent possession on Friday night explains why Albion could not prevent a late comeback. Nathan Teela And Scott Twain in Turf Moor. In Corberan’s view, the quality of possession from their goalkeepers was among the most important factors in allowing Burnley to dominate under pressure.

“They are a difficult team to pressure because every time you put pressure on the goalkeeper, they find solutions,” said the Albion manager. “We needed more time to adapt to their structure, but tactically it was about adapting to some things we did well in the first half. Sometimes the best solution to defending is attacking, and we didn’t attack well enough.” sufficiency.

“With (Tom) Rogic and the players we have on both sides to help our midfield players and recover, we didn’t find enough advantage. When the ball was with our center back, they pressed, and when it was with our goalkeeper, we played long. The solution in the second half was to try to attack more and get personal. Aggressive and physical. But sometimes, when you get the ball back, your legs, your body and your mind just aren’t ready to find that solution. We understand that they’ve been better, and we know we have to keep growing a lot.”

While Alex Palmer Completed 21 of 39 passes (54% success rate) and 11 of 29 long balls (38% success rate), Arianette Muric, the Burnley goalkeeper, had the highest pass success rate of any player who played more than 45 minutes. His 38-of-40 pass (95 per cent success rate) consistently cut through the Albion pressure, leaving the attack disjointed and scattered, allowing Burnley to attack in transition and isolating the wide players one-on-one with the Albion full-backs.

when wallace, Daryl Dyke And Grady Diangana Finding success in blocking short passes, Muric had the quality of finding both defensive midfielders and long-passing midfielders (12 of 14, 86 percent success rate), leading Albion players to drop back and defend in their own half, where they were kept burnley. Pressure breaching their defenses in the 75th and 87th minutes.

It was a clinic in how technical quality, which Corbran’s team had yet to encounter in the championship, could wreck the formatted press. Burnley’s level is higher, and Albion could not find solutions.

For Kompany, the early season draw at The Hawthorns prompted him to go back to the drawing board, creating the formula behind Burnley’s overall career. Now, as his strong group on the field do, Corbran needs to lift himself up and dust himself off to ensure Albion can continue on an upward trajectory after this setback.

(Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images)

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