When it comes to fitness goals, where does the “why” come from? – FIT TALK TO Tania

Even when there is a catalyst for change that drives you to make a decision to make that change, and even when you start to see results, any progress you make will be short-lived if the reason you are doing it doesn’t come from your heart.

Every change you made to try to improve your health and achieve a healthy weight started with a decision. Each decision was the result of something that bothered you enough to make you want to do something different. Decisions are powerful, or at least they can be when the “what” or “why” behind them comes from the right place.

When it comes to health, especially losing weight, it’s important to know why you’re doing it. If you ask someone why they decided to start exercising, losing weight, or eating clean food, they would probably say something like, “I really just want to put my jeans on again,” “I have to drop 20 pounds before my high school reunion,” ‘ or ‘We’re going on a cruise in a few months, you know, swimwear and all.’ Well, you get the idea.

No doubt, these are the moments that push people to get started and start seeing results. However, it is not usually the moments that allow them to keep these results.

Even when there is a catalyst to change something, that drives you to make a decision to implement that change, even when you start to see results, any progress you make will be short-lived if you have a “why” that is short-term, rather than addressing the bigger picture.

Simply put, the “why” that is based on the ego and not the one that comes from your heart doesn’t do much in the long run. Being frustrated with your weight and telling yourself you’ll shed those pounds and put your favorite jeans back on by Christmas isn’t enough. You will definitely get some results, as long as you make changes. Remember, anyone can lose weight. Ask a dietitian. They have done this several times.

But how to keep it away is the biggest and most important question. And it all comes down to the source “why”.

What I’ve noticed from speaking to my clients over the years is that most people decide to jump in and start focusing on health and/or weight because of something that has suddenly become urgent for them, like the examples above. Simply put, their reasons for diving are based solely on the way they see themselves in the mirror. It is pure ego driven.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying you have a huge ego if you want to look your best in a bathing suit. Most of us have likely wanted it at one time or another. Rather, these reasons come from a superficial place.

(The people who make it) see only the short term. And when that short run is over, with nothing long-term to back it up and lead you to follow through, it’s all too easy to let all those good habits you’re just starting to live with, fall by the wayside.

For true success and success where you can achieve and maintain your health and weight goals for life, “Why am I doing this?” It must come from the heart. Hearing, “I’ve seen my mom’s diet for years and I don’t want to live like this. I want my kids to have a healthy relationship with food,” “My dad isn’t healthy and I’m afraid of what might happen to him. I can’t put my family through it,” or I never want to feel too old to travel and explore how and where I want. I only have one body and I need to take care of it.” It is powerful because it comes from the heart.

That ego “why” that got you started, that’s okay. I am all for whatever motivates you to start your health journey. Everything is good. But thinking that it’s enough, without digging deeper and really asking yourself, “Why am I doing this?” It is a fatal error.

A follow-up approach that focuses on health rather than dieting definitely helps point you in the right direction. But the clincher – the thing that seals the deal and allows you to achieve your goals and maintain all those great results you worked so hard for – is the ’cause’ that comes from your heart.

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