Wisconsin ranks number one in mental health care overall

Mental Health America released its 2023 Report on the State of Mental Health in America on Thursday, October 13th, which shows Wisconsin has the highest scores for comprehensive mental health care.  Industry experts say there is more work to be done to turn the tides toward the increases seen across the United States.

A nationwide study just ranked Wisconsin No. 1 in mental health — a fact that might surprise anyone who’s tried to make an appointment recently with a therapist.

Despite shortages of therapists and waiting times for mental health providers that can stretch to six months and beyond, his study The mentality is the height of Americafound that Badger State still had a high enough score to lead other states when it came to addressing the mental health needs of its residents.

Compared to other states, fewer adults in Wisconsin report having their mental health needs not met, more adults are seeking treatment, and fewer students are reporting emotional disturbances in their IEP.

These facts have boosted Wisconsin to the nation’s lead nationally.

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