Zach Jones’ playing skills will never outperform Rangers’ obstacles

KINGSTON, RI – The Rangers’ first right-hand power quadruple unit has been in operation since Thanksgiving Eve 2019 when then-coach David Quinn assembled a group comprising of Chris Kreider and a quartet of right-sided bowlers at Mika Zibanegad, Artemi. Banarin, Ryan Strom, and Tony DiAngelo.

When asked about alignment, Quinn simply said, “They are our top five [offensive] players. ”

Righty Adam Fox replaced DeAngelo at the beginning of the following year. Now, right-wing Vincent Trochek steps in in favor of Strom after the summer free agency exchange between the number 16 holders. Having four rights in that unit is no longer a coincidence. It’s a hallmark of a powerhouse game that ranked fourth in the NHL with 25.2 percent last season.

“The important thing is to bring the right up to the right,” Kreider, the prominent network presence, told The Post after Monday’s practice at that location in Rhode Island. “Left-handed [replacing Strome] It will change the element and the dynamic.

“The man in the middle must be a bullet threat. If we had a left-handed man in there, we would have to manage everything from the other side.”

Except for injury, the first unit is inviolable. This means Alexis Lafreniere is still in Unit 2, as he will be joined at the lead by fellow Kids Kaapo Kakko and Filip Chytil. But it gets interesting as Vitaly Kravtsov and Jacob Tropa pack individuals on the back.

New York Rangers defender Zach Jones (6 years old) when the New Rangers were training
Zac Jones is a powerhouse specialist with no place in the Rangers’ man advantage units.
Robert Sabo

Coach Gerard Gallant said Kravtsov doesn’t necessarily line up at the opposite point of Trouba, but rather plays more than half a wall while receiving protection from behind from an attacker on the wing spinning alongside him. Still, the coach who prioritizes safety in general A fair amount of faith in Kravtsov The support system has not been tested.

Of course, that’s why Lester Patrick invented boot camp.

“I have confidence in him and in [other forwards]Galant said. “That’s why we’re working on it now, to get them used to that area. Because if there’s turnover, you want those two to come back strong with one guy getting a better jump.”

“You just have to make sure you turn the disc when he’s high and you take care of that. But Krafi is playing well so far. We’re giving him a chance, he’s working hard and doing what we ask. The real test is coming soon.”

So you’ve got 10 names that include the predicted PSUs for the inaugural season. Do you discover who is not among them? Right. This would be Zac Jones, whose primary assets are Power Play.

So the question is whether Jones has enough value in marital power to include the 21-year-old on the list, let alone Put a pencil to him as a third pair left defender. If the hierarchy does not measure Jones’ potential impact with the man advantage, then it is very much a matter of defense ability.

And Jones doesn’t seem to have an advantage in this department over Libor Hajik. The club is unlikely to retain Jones – who does not need exemptions to return to Hartford – as seventh man of defense while he would have amassed minutes in all critical situations for the AHL Wolf Pack. I probably read into this too much, but it seems to me that the decision to go with Kravtsov (and Tropa) on Jones on PP2 is somewhat significant.

NEWARK, NJ - SEPTEMBER 30: New York Rangers #6 Zach Jones measures the ball
Without a powerhouse unit to drive, Jones’ defense doesn’t make him a top-six candidate.
Getty Images

There’s this too: Craft’s mission will also keep fledgling Nation Candre Miller on the bench during Power Play time. Back to Jones: If the Kravtsov experiment doesn’t work, will the first replacement for the Blueshirts family be Jones or Miller? If it’s Miller, then isn’t Jones actually banned from displaying his most outstanding talent on Broadway?

Of course, everything can change in a week or two. It is not out of the question that the left side player of the team is not currently in the organization. need you It was reasonably solid But he rarely comes out of the season in which he was unable to break into the squad despite Patrick Nemeth’s constant struggle for the third pair.

We still have a week left before the Blueshirts lead with their eastern final victors Tampa Bay at The Garden at the October 11 season opener. There are a few fairs left mixed in with a few practices.

But it seems that almost all the decisions have been made, perhaps not etched in stone, but more than a stencil. The decisions left Jones out of the power game. There is good reason to wonder if that leaves the UMass product off the list altogether.

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